Thursday, June 18, 2015


I'VE MOVED! Or more like Someone In The Corner has moved, but you get what I mean :) 


Hope you'll want to follow me and my blog as I venture into more of a lifestyle, travel and food theme. I'll leave this domain for now as it has all my old posts on it and I don't want to delete them just yet.

Emilie x

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Catch Up

I'm ignoring it, I'm ignoring it. That's pretty much been my attitude towards the little voice in my head shouting at me for being such a lousy blogger. Nobody's perfect, and I've come to terms with the fact that me and blogging, well we have a very roller coaster like relationship. It comes and it goes, but I won't give up, because I know it would only be a matter of days until I'd start a new blog - with the same roller coaster relationship. So, I just enjoy blogging when I enjoy it, and have breaks from it when I'm lacking in motivation or time, and if people have the patience to stick around for that then you are absolutely wonderful and I love you. (Not that I don't love the rest of you, I really do.)

But yeah, I wanted to catch up a little, as well as share a little secret. First the catch up.
After going home for christmas, then coming back to manchester for NYE, I have started uni again, had my exams and started all my new modules for the semester. Quite liking my course at the moment as I'm doing photo and video shoots for a Lookbook, and I get to play around with Photoshop and all those Adobe creative softwares!

Apart from that, my family is keeping up its annual tradition and we're off to Austria on Saturday for a week of skiing! That is probably one of my favourite weeks of the year, as nothing quite beats  skiing down majestic mountains covered in snow. Oh, and I turned 20 in January and got a GoPro so I will be making a little video from the week! I will also be bringing that on my 3 week trip to Bali over Easter, which was my xmas + 20th bday present from me to me. My sister and I are doing a surf camp then travelling round the island - literally cannot wait!

Last but not least, I am moving platforms! I have been doing something whilst being away, and that is sorting out a new, self hosted domain, so that I no longer have to have added to my already long blogname. I will try and make this site automatically direct you to the new site once its up, but if that doesn't work I will put a big fat link to it so you won't miss it whether you like it or not.

I think that was all I wanted to say for now! Ridiculous to think that this is my first post of 2015 (and we're already in February...someone needs a kick in the butt), but happy new year and all that anyway! Better late than never...

I'll see you soon - On my new site!

Emilie xx

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ghostly x Warby Parker for Black Friday

This summer I finally go around to getting some much needed new glasses from the super lovely french brand Jimmy Fairly. Up until this point I had been reasonably content with my £10 frames that were too big, seeing as I didn't really wear them all that often. After getting my new specs I've had a bit of a different mind-set and now love looking a pretty frames and good quality eyewear. One of the brands I've been keeping an eye on is Warby Parker who do some beautiful optical glasses as well as sunglasses. The other day I was surprisingly contacted by Warby Parker  about a new launch they're doing for Black Friday. 

Their new collection is a collaboration with the record company Ghostly who have done these collaborations before, where they're bringing back their sleek Curtis sunglasses in 3 new colours .The new colours are Moss, Aubergine Fade and Burbon Tortoise as well as the classic Revolver Black. The sunglasses have a quite 'square' shape but I quite like that in eyewear. Personally I perfer the Burbon Tortoise as I've always been a fan of tortoise patterned frames. The colection is out tomorrow, November 28th and pricing starts at $95, not the cheapest of sunnies but you get what you pay for and these will definitely last you longer than a £2 pair from Primark.  Check the collection out below and find them plus all the other gorgeous frames they do at!

Apart from that I just wanted to drop in and share a brilliant Black Friday offer! Sigma  Beauty is doing free worldwide shipping again this year! Available with the discount code BF2014 from and it is live now, so head over whilst the offer is on if you need some good quality makeup brushes.

To those of you who are planning to do a bit of crazy shopping over the next 24 hours - enjoy! Meanwhile I'm going to continue working my way through end of term projects, whoop whoop. 

Emilie xx

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The King of Coats

ZARA, coat (old, similar HERE) // PUBLIC DESIRE, boots // MONKI, jeans & hat // BIKBOK, blazer // HM, scarf & belt (and top - old) // DKNY, watch (sold out, similar HERE)

Everyone need that one perfect staple coat for the colder A/W months, and I sure found mine last year for only £30 in Zara. This grey bad boy is in my opinion the perfect coat to make any oufit look tailored and put toghether, yet casual and effortless. Paired with my new Public Desire boots, black jeans, a big scarf and my favourite hat I was feeling oh so cool. Haha, not reallly, but how can pointed boots and a hat not make you feel good?

I was going for a meal with my aunt and uncle this day so because I was wearing just a cami, and don't always love bearing my bare arms and shoulders when I'm in a restaurant, I decided to chuck this white blazer on under my coat for that extra layer. In the end I'm not sure if I liked it, especially when the white peeked out from under the coat but I went for it anyway.

I hope you're all liking these new posts, I promise it won't just be outfits from now but I've got absolute mountains of uni work to get through before christmas so I'm trying to put together what I can in the time I've got. Speaking of work, I've got to get back to marketing plans and trend translations, woohoo.

Emilie x