Thursday, September 27, 2012


Before I start, I apologise for the glitch in uploads this week, busy days at


I'm going to get straight to the point! As a YouTube geek, I love watching other people suffer, laugh and just have a lot of fun doing different challenges (e.g.: Cinnamon Challenge, Ice Challenge, Chubby Bunny Challenge, Chili Challenge etc. - just search for challenge on YouTube and thousands will appear). Since I love watching others do these things, I have decided to do some myself! Maybe I will get a friend to join me as I think that definitely makes it more fun! Anyway, I want YOU to write in the comments below what type of challenge(s) you would like me to do! It can be anything from eating something to doing something. I will read through your suggestions and see what can be done (therefore "doable" and appropriate suggestions would be nice :P).

Of course I will go through the embarrasment it is and film the whole thing so that I can post it here for you to see :)

If you prefer writing your suggestions on twitter then feel free to do so, just add @emyly15 to the tweet or add the hashtag #someoneinthecorner :)

Be creative or take one that you just enjoy to see people do! I can't wait to see what you come up with:)




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Saturday, September 15, 2012

HOW TO: Get Curly, Long and Voluminous Lashes!


I have been taking a few days off (sorry about that - been a quite busy week)  but I am now back bringing you my best tip for how to get your lashes to become long, curly and voluminous(but defined) and stay that way all day!

So to start off this is what my 100% natural lashes look like:

As you can see they are very light and straight ...not much to brag about..

...Therefore I curl them to start the magic! When I curl my lashes I start at the tip, then culr them "gradually" all the way in to the base so that the curl looks even and natural :) This is what they look like curled:

Still not too exciting but now comes the main part of the "tip" in this post; If you "struggle" with straight lashes that don't keep the curl throughout the day/once you apply your mascara then...


Ok, sorry about the big, bold writing but I had to make sure you got the message:) As for the brand of mascara - don't splurge on the expensive ones - I find that they never do the job well enough and I always stick to the same brand : Maybeline. Yes, their mascaras are great - As long as they are waterproof! I've tried a bunch of them and currently I'm using this one:

Maybeline The Colossal Volume Express Waterproof

It works really well, holds the curl, lengthens, volumizes and defines! + It's pretty affordable :)

To come with a fewother options: L´orĂ©al Telescopic Waterproof, Covergirl LashBlast 24hr , and well the other Maybeline waterproof mascaras :) Probably a ton of others too, but these are the ones I've liked.

Now to the result! This is what you end up with after applying the mascara (I applied 2 coats, but 1 is perfectly fine too )

 So yup, that is how I get my lashes to look a little bit better :) If you're sitting there thinking "Ohh, but waterproof mascara is such a hazzle to get off without rubbing your eyes out" then don't worry! find a oil based make-up remover and use that on a cotton pad and it should slide off the lashes just fine - without having to rip your lashes out :) As for me, I prefer MAC's Cleanse Off Oil which you can get at any MAC (Make-up Artist's Cosmetics) counter/store near you :)

Did you find this helpful? Is there any other type of post of this type you would like me to do? - leave it in the comments and I will get on it! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Have a nice Saturday!

- Em

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

MY STYLE #3 - Plaid Shirt Crush

(pre-wrote this post so that I could focus on school work this weekend (: )

Good Afternoon!

I hope you've all had (and are having) a great day! As I showed in a post a few days ago, I got a new plaid patterned shirt! As it happens, I am now completely and utterly in love with it. Plaid patterns/checkered patterns aren't a major staple in the autumn trends this year, but they were featured in several of the collections during NY Fashion Week, so I would say it isn't a bad thing to keep in your closet for the coming months.

As for my shirt, it is rather soft, thin and 100% cotton. It is plaid/checkered (Plaid or checkered? - which one is more appropriate to use in a setting like this? let me know :P) in the colours navy and white, with pushbuttons(?) which I personally love because it saves so much time! Anyways, the other day I put together an outfit with it and I took some pictures so that I could share it with my amazing readers :)

(Was not trying to lean so much to one side...this just happened to be the only front facing picture :))

Shirt from Carlings (Brand: R&D Red and Label)
Highwaisted Jeans from BikBok
Belt from old times :) Don't know what store - found it in a box...

Wrap Bracelet from Monki
Large Ring w/ Orange "stone" from BikBok (I believe..)
Small Silver Heart Ring was a gift from my mom :)

Owl Ring from... I can't remember...
Stackable Rings (3 from a set of 8) from H&M

Silver Bracelet was a gift from Ingvild
Festival "bracelet"
Amnesty "bracelet" in the colours of the rainbow (Rainbow Flag/Homosexual Flag)

Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you like the plaid/checkered pattern?

Talk to you all soon!


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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

BEAUTY RECCOMENDATION: Origins Drink Up Intesive moisturizing mask


So as I said when I started my "new" blog, I will focus on fashion, beauty, travel and yeah..mainly that :) And well, today's post is definitely a beauty-related one. I am over the average interested in beauty and make-up and also in skin-care, so therefore I wanted to share one of my favourite face masks with you all!

Origins Drink Up Intensive
An overnight mask to quench skins thirst



I know I showed the product on my hand in the last two pictures while really it is for the face, but I was wearing make-up so I couldn't put it on my face at that moment :) But still, you see how smooth it makes my skin look compared to the "before" picture!

I love this moisturizing mask just like so many other beauty bloggers/vloggers/gurus do! It is amazing for those nights where your skin looks and feels dull and dry. You simply massage a generous amount into your skin and pat off the excess product gently with a tissue paper. Then just go to bed (your skin is supposed to feel a teeny bit "sticky"/thick (it's a pretty thick product) so don't remove all  of the product, some of it is supposed to still be left on the skin for the mask to be able to properly do its job :)

Oh and the smell! It smells like the best mixture of citrus fruits and apricots! So fresh, summery and clean - it's like happiness in a tube :)

So I hope you liked this kind of post because I loved writing it and I know there will be more in the future (unless all of you hate it). 

If you're interested you can get it here for $16/$23 (depending on the size) and I know you can get origins products at KICKS stores in Norway and at John Lewis in London (and probably in any cosmetics store that sells high-end skincare products)

Do you think you'll try this out? Or have you already? If so, let me know what you think of it, I'd love to hear your opinions! :)


- Em

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Sunday, September 02, 2012


Happy Sunday Everyone!

I took the time to take some pictures of what I wore yesterday so that I could get up a second "MY STYLE" post (: Hope you like it!

T-shirt from GinaTricot
Skirt from H&M

Nothing specail but yeah, I want to keep up my frequent blogging so I thought I'd post it :)

Enjoy your Sundays!


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