Wednesday, May 09, 2012


New York, New York (Friends With Benefits Remix) - Ray Quinn feat. Ultra Love 

These past days have been very hard, sad and difficult, but after a lot of thinking and grieving I think I've realized that the sooner I get back to my normal day, the better. And I know that thats what Daniela would want us to do. She will still be with me in my heart and never be forgotten but life goes on and instead of looking back and being sad, its important to look forward and be happy for the life she got and the life we have.

Now, over to something less serious..

Some of you might know that I am going to New York this summer, on my way home actually! I have been there once before, in 2008 but that was mainly to visit my mother's aunt and cousin so we didn't see too much of the city during the 3 days we spent there. This time will be different, I'm planning to do  som shopping, sightseeing (Central Park, top of the rock etc.. - I've seen the statue of liberty), and eating. But since I dont really have any clue where (or how) to go or what to do/see/eat. Therefore I'm asking you, my lovely readers for some help! If you've been to New York and have some reccomendations for anything really, then please, shout out and leave them in the comments below. Anounymous or not I dont mind :)

Me and Ana during musical rehearsals last week :) #Apples!

So yes, if you have any reccomendations, let me know :)

- Em

Sunday, May 06, 2012

An Honouring of Daniela

You'll be in my heart - Phil Collins

I want to say thank you to everyone who took some time to read my last post, and to eveyone who has given their support to me and everyone affected by what happened. Today there was a gathering to pray for Danielas family, unfortuntely I couldn't go but all my thoughts have gone out to them today. However, I did come up with an idea. Every year on the 4th of May I will burn a candle with the words 'Daniela Jacobsen, a beautiful angle' written on it. The flame and it's warmth will be a symbol of her love and care for everyone that was spread so widely. A symbol of how she could be a light in someone's dark day, how she had a burning passion for art and dancing, and for her friends, family and for her boyfriend.

I want to ask those who read this and who knew Daniela to do this too. Light  a candle every 4th of May to show that she will always be remembered here among us. Will you join me?


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Rest in Peace Daniela Jacobsen

Life - Ulrik Munther

Today was a very sad and long day for everyone at the Anglo, but especially for grade 10. Daniela Jacobsen was hospitalized since the beginning of january, her condition went up and down and some days were better than others. A while ago she was moved to Houston because she got worse. Since then she didn't get better and early today we got the news that she would most likely not make it through the weekend. Later in the afternoon, she passed away.

Daniela was the most kind, caring, beautiful, intelligent, passionate, friendly and loving person I have ever met. I don't think there are many people out there who can compare to her wonderful personality. The way she cared for her friends and family and the her passion for learning and for art was inspiring. I don't think she ever realized but because of her, my first months of staying here became a little bit easier. She joined me in lunch, she would ask me to come along for parites or to hang ut with her friends. I know that she has helped others in similar ways too, so I can honestly say that she was an amazing person.

Daniela Jacobsen was an angel sent down to earth to spread her love and sunshine. She was a beloved person who will live with us forever, all her friends and family will never forget the happiness she spread.
I send my love and condolences  to everyone who knew her. We will miss you Dani!

Sometimes angles have to return to the sky 

Rest in peace Daniela <3

- Em