Friday, November 22, 2013

New Rituals

As I'm hosting what seems to be an endless pity part for me and my tonsillitis I have been treating myself to some of my favourite glossies, including the December issue of Marie Claire which happened to include quite the treat. Enter Ritual's Fortune Scrub

I love a good scrub and boy is this one good!! Firstly, lets chat about its glorious smell - Sweet Orange and Cedar. Ahhh is all I have to say. As for its scrubbing abilities, it is rough enough to make it feel like you are actually scrubbing away all that dead skin, yet gentle enough so that it isn't painful or irritating on the skin. I've found this to be the perfect scrub and will definitely be re-purchasing it once I run out of this one (even though that will probably take a little while seeing as the people over at Marie Claire were generous enough to give a full size 150ml bottle!) 

It retails for £10 but can be bought with the current issue of Marie Claire for £3.90 (Bargain!).

Have you tried anything from Rituals? If so what, and how do you like it?

Love, Em

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Rockateur

Even though I know there are countless reviews of this new boxed addition to Benefit's blushers I wanted to do one myself. Simply because I used be a big 'no-blusher' kinda gal and also because this bad boy made me see how incredible a blush can be. I'll make it nice and quick - I mean there's only so much you can write about a new product you're loving (not really, I could probably go on for ages.) Anyway, to the point. 

Rockateur is a lovely rosegold like blush with a hint of shimmer which gives you a gorgeous dewy, healthy look. The consistency is very smooth and it blends easily and seamlessly into a natural looking, gorgeous flush of colour. It has a quite fresh, slightly floral scent to it but nothing too overpowering once it's applied. As for staying power, I find that it lasts for however long my foundation lasts which obviously depends on which one I'm wearing that day, but I would say it does stay on for a good 6-8 hours without needing a touch-up. The only thing I am not a massive fan of it the brush it comes with which is just a bit awkwardly shaped, or the design on the box - I find it a bit tacky. But don't judge a book (or a blush) by its cover (box)! The product is great and that's really all that matters.

You can pick it up here at Feelunique for £23.50

If you've tried it, let me know what you think in the comments :) And also, if you haven't already you can follow me on Bloglovin here - that way you'll never miss a post ;)

Love, Em

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Easy & Quick Day-To-Night Look

So I guess we can all agree on that consistent posting is not my strong suit...
Today however I decided to do a whole 'day-to-night' dedicated post all on how I very quickly transform my normal day look into a much more dramatic and glamorous night-look. Grab your Rimmel Scandaleyes products and one of your UD Naked palettes and lets get to work.


For the base I kept it light and natural with some BB Cream and a light stroke of bronzer/blusher.  On the  eyes I used th Rimmel Shadow Stick on my outer corner, blended that in with the Eye Paint and then lined the upper lashline and outer corner of the lower lashline with MAC's Teddy. After some curling of the lashes I added my go-to mascara.


I wanted my nighttime look to be quick but still flawless and quite dramatic. I touched up my foundation with True Match (a new little favourite), then did some contouring with Hoola and added a bit of glow with my TopShop Crescent Moon highlighter. With a little pencil brush in my hand and some tissue under my eye to catch any fall down I used the matte black in the Naked2 palette to create a strong, but well blended outer v shape. I took it into the crease a bit and along half of the lower lash line. Could also have done this using the colour Creep from the original Naked palette. I made sure to build up the v shape to be very black, smoky and intense. I added the gorgeous gold colour Half Baked to the lid space not 'occupied' by the black, then took it along the inner half of the lower lash line. I made sure to make the gold very upaque before I softly blended the line between gold and black to soften the harshness of it.

Then after a quick coat of mascara I was done. It might sound like a long process but trust me it wasn't. I hope you all enjoyed this post. I am going to try and do a weekly post from now on as I think that is a realistic goal. If you have anything you'd like me to blog about then let me know and I will get on it! Also, thank you to everyone who follows me on Bloglovin - I just hit 100 followers the other day and I am so so thankful to all of you who read my blog. If you haven't yet but want to you can go here to follow me! 

Love, Em

Saturday, October 05, 2013

'The Night Out Prep'

Ok so I have now had an unacceptably long break from blogging whilst settling in to uni, which by the way is incredible. I love the people I live with, the course I am doing, the people on my course, the city I'm in and basically just everything. Since arriving I have been trying to just focus on being here and taking everything in so I decided that my blog would just have to wait. Until now! I'm back and I have missed typing away on my keyboard so expect to hear from me in between my lectures and events from now on. 

Over to today's post! Seeing as there has been a lot of partying and going out these past few weeks I have found that I tend to do more or less the same little beauty routine every time, and as it has been working really well so far with keeping my skin clear, hydrated and glowing all day and all night I figured it was only right to share it with you. 

Stage 1: The Prep 10 minutes with Origins Drink Up Mask makes sure my skin is hydrated and soft, then a quick cleanse with Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish and a blob of Benefit's Triple Performance Facial Emulsion and my face is ready for Stage 2: The Base.

Stage 2: The Base A drop of MAC's Strobe Cream mixed in with my well loved DiorSkin Nude BB Cream makes for a gorgeous glow and flawless finish that's perfected with some Studio Finish Concealer for any redness. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer and Rockateur Blush make the perfect combo for a bit of contouring and colour.

Stage 3: Eyes My favourite part, including two new discoveries that has revolutionised my eyeshadow routine. A quick, thick line of Rimmel's Eyeshadow Stick in Bad Girl Bronze blended together with Rimmel's Eyeshadow Paint  in Rich Russet makes for the easiest smokey eye ever. Add a bit of a warm brown, such as this one from Dior's Grège palette, to add slightly more definition then some mascara and you're good to go once you have your brows set. For that I swear by Benefit Brow Zings especially for night out's as it has incredible staying power. 

There, that's that. A bulletproof look that will stay on and look good all night - none of those horrendous pictures where your eyeliner is on your cheeks and your eyebrows have melted together into a mono. I hope you liked this post, if you did please go and follow my blog on Bloglovin' and you won't miss my next post :)

Love, Em

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Minis

As a Shopaholic and a gold member of practically every beauty store available it is a given that I end up with quite a stock of mini products, samples and testers. As time passes the lovely ladies and men behind the counters drop more and more products into my bag and I keep on putting them in my bathroom drawr forgetting what I actually have in there. A few months ago I decided it was time to have a look and sort thought what I wanted to try and what I wanted to toss away or give to someone else. This led to me having a serious stash of goodies to test, especially in the skin-care category, and after working my way through serum after serum and all the eye creams you could imagine - a few have actually made the cut to my much beloved skincare routine... So here they are, the current little minis that I love and adore.

REN's Frankincence Revitalising Night Cream  - a wonderful, thick but not sticky night cream that sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy.
Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix - first thought when I got this was 'is this really necessary?'. Turns out that no, in all honesty it isn't but it still works wonders on dry legs which happend to have been a bit if an issue with the change of weather lately.
Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover - after hearing fellow waterproof mascara wearer Anna - at viviannadoesmakeup rave about this I was excited when the shop lady popped it into my shopping bag a few weeks ago. And although it doesn't remove it in an instant it does do it rather quickly compared to other make-up removers.
Clarins Eye Contour Gel - another Clarins baby. Finally an eye cream (well a gel..) that doesn't give me red spots under the eyes! Lovely, light, cooling and it really brightens and smooths the under eye area. Big thumbs up.
Smashbox High Definition Concealer - small enough to put in even a little purse, covering enough to hide them bad guys and still natural and long lasting enough for everyday wear. Purrrfection.
'Just Cavalli' by Roberto Cavalli - my new obsession. I'll save you from my dreadful scent descriptions and steal the words from the pro's. 'Provocative and mischievous, the Just Cavalli woman captivates with dazzling Neroli flower. She is a snake charmer tempting her prey with a magnetic Tiare flower ending with a seductive creamy palissander bite.' (source

I will admit that some of these have now been purchased in full sizes, so be warned all you lovelies - the minis may be small but they sure as hell aren't innocent. Do you have any samples or testers that you love or that have made you go for the full size? Let me know in the comments, and dont forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin' !

Love, Em

August Favourites

I'm curently sat in my hotel room in Manchester, frustrated at the super slow WiFi and at myself for not updating this blog of mine. I do blame the internet though.. and the massive amount of other things I've had to fix and sort out during the past days. I'm loving Manchester by the way, although I find it a bit silly that I came out here this early as I won't be able to move into my hall until Thursday or Friday.. Anyway, not the point of this post! I might be a few days late with it, but here you have my favourites from August!

DiorSkin Nude BB Cream applied with the Sigmax Angled Top Kabuki has been my go-to base together with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer to give a bit of definiton and healthy glow. For brows I've gone back to an 'old' fave, BrowZings also by Benefit. On the eyes I kept it neutral (and matte) as usual and for most of the days I went with an all MAC trio consisting of Omega, Espresso and Cork. Another old, but good un' is my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain  in Rendez-Vous. I've also been trying to get my hands and nails in an ok state before uni and the Soap & Glory Hand Food has been a good help. Last but definitely not least is my biggest favourite as of late: Roberto Cavalli's new perfume Just Cavalli. It smells incredible and I'm gutted that I didn't get the full size bottle before I left Norway as I can't find it anywhere here!

Those were all my main favourites from the past month or so, I don't know if you all enjoy these monthly favourites posts or not, but I do like to write them and I like to read others as well so I'll keep doing them until you all tell me not to :) If you did like this post you can follow my blog HERE on Bloglovin' to see more!

Love, Em

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Hair Care Edit

As we speak I am trying not to overthink my uni packing too much and have decided to go for the 'take all you can fit' approach, which seems to be working out..for now at least. After spending too much time selecting clothes I decided to do head to my bathroom for a smack-down of products there instead. It turned out to be a quick 'un and since I now have my staples in front of me I figured I'd do a Hair Care post before I stack them in a corner of the small *erhm-large* beauty section of my suitcase.

I do like to take care of my hair, but I in contrast to my make-up routine I like for it to be quick. Because of that I do most of the 'care-taking' whilst I'm in the shower and leave only one or two products for afterwards. 

For a good old thourough cleanse of my hair I usually opt for Aussie's Mega Shampoo or  Miracle Moist Shampoo both of which smells like heaven in a bottle. I use the latter mainly when my hair is over on the dry side of things and the other for just a nice clean scalp (ugh that sounded gross). For the days when I want to wash my hair as quickly as possible but still have it looking good Aussie 3 Minute Miracle really is a miracle and a life saver. Glossy, soft hair in no time - or at least 3 minutes which gives you just enough time to scrub your body, shave them legs or cleanse your face. For the days when I have a few extra minutes I take my fairly new found love L'oréal's Mythic Oil, a smooth, buttery/oily - but not grasy or heavy- deep conditioner. I apply this from my eras and down, focusing most of the product at the ends. This should be called mystic oil because god knows what they put in this that makes your hair so darn amazing. I haven't seen a dry tip or split end in weeks and that's a rare sight, so mahusive thumbs up for this guy.

As for the pre and post hair care I don't do much but if I'm styling my hair I use the Paul Mitchell Express Style - Heat Off The Press heat protector + style spray. It smells divinge and doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy at all. If my hair looks dull I have recently started doing a bit of pre-shower caring. I use my Kicks Multi-Usage Oil which can be used as a finishing oil but I find it too greasy, so instead I get very generous with it about 20 minutes before I jump in the shower and take it though the lenghts of my hair (sometimes even the roots + scalp, but then you've got to shampoo twice to make sure you rinse it all out). This makes me look like I've put on a wig that's a mix of Severus Snape's greasy hair and Lucifus Malfoy's flatter than flat hair, but regardless - once I've rinsed it all out and washed my hair as normal it's well worth it :) 

By using these products I have managed to get my hair to a state where it's not heavy, über glossy and flat with too much stuff in it but not dry and frizzy either. Just nice and soft with a little shine! Let me know what you use on your hair!

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Love, Em

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tartar On My Eyes

Ignore the little smudge/fall down under the 'wing' I only saw it after I took the pictures, Whops!

Earlier this year Nars launched their new Eye Paints/Gel Eyeliners and although I heard good things of them I wasn't all over the internet trying to get my hands on them. However, last week my mom's cousin from New York came to visit, and as she's working in the beauty business she came carrying quite a few goodies for us to choose from, from various brands - including Nars and their lovely little pots of colour. I selected a gorgeous black with purple shimmer in it called Tartar. As the beauty junkie that I am I wante to try it out immediately and yesterday I did a winged liner look with it that came out quite nice so I thought I'd share it with you. For a quick run-down of the look and how I achieved it, keep on reading!

As a base I used the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation with my Sigmax Angled Kabuki Brush and buffed that in to a natural, but flawles finish. I did my contouring with my new love Benefit Hoola and the brush it comes with, which I happen to love in contrast to more or less everyone else. For blusher I popped on a bit of Sleek's Squash from the Pumpkin trio and my TopShop Cream highlighter went on my cheekbones as usual. 

For my eyes I used a large fluffy brush to softly apply a warm brown all over my lids, and I decided to multi-use and went for my Hoola bronzer here as well, which worked perfectly! Then I lined my upper and lower lashline with Teddy Eye Pencil by MAC and softly blended it before I came in with the Nars  Gel Liner in Tartar and made a winged line allowing Teddy to peek out above it :) After some curling of the lashes with my MAC lash curler and some lashings of the Lancome Hypnose Mascara the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've tried the Nars Gel Eyeliners and what you think! Also let me know if you have any requests for tutorials you'd like me to do - it can be anything! If you did enjoy this then follow me on Bloglovin here for more!

Love, Em

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Makeover

A couple weeks ago my dear friend Rebekka got a little makeover from me, and although she is absolutely gorgeous without any make-up, you could really tell how much of a differenc make-up can do. I really liked how it turned out and wanted to share the "difference" with all of you, so after asking her permission here it is :) 

 I went for glowing skin and bronzed up eyes using a good amount of cream products. On the cheeks I put my much loved Sleek Contour in medium, the Bourjois cream blush in 02 and my trusty TopShop cream highligher from the little quad they do. For the eyes I started with Maybeline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze as a base with MAC's Woodwinked all over, Cork in the outer crease and Omega to soften up the edges. As an inner highligt I used Virgin in the UD Naked palette. I did also apply some Diorskin Nude mixed with Clinique's Even Better foundation for a flawless base (applied that before the cheek+eyes obviously) as well as filling in her eyebrows a tiny bit with Benefit BrowZings. And with that I was done!

I hope you enjoyed this post, a new tutorial and review will be up in the next few days so keep an eye out for that :) And if you haven't already, you can follow my blog here on Bloglovin'.

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benefit Haul & Review

I have never been a huge fan of Benefit's products. It's not that I dislike them, more just that I haven't really tried many of them! However when I was in England this spring I was given a few samples from them including the 'It's Potent' eye cream and 'Triple Performing Facial Emulsion) day cream. These two little samples have just been laying in my drawer and I haven't given them much interest until a few weeks ago when I figured I'd give them a go. At the time my skin was pretty good but I was still blown away by how incredible the day cream worked. It felt smoother, looked brighter and clearer after just a few days. The eye cream didn't do miracles but it worked well none the less. Anyway, I ended up running out of both and saw that my skin didn't like the separation from its new friends so I decided to order the day cream along with another lusted after goodie from Benefit, the famous Hoola bronzer. 

During the week I didn't use the 'triple performance facial emulsion' (couldn't have chosen a shorter name eh, benefit?) my skin went from good to not so good, aka a massive spot on my chin plus quite a few mini spots here and there. But again, as soon as I started slapping the stuff back on my face it cleared up. Miracle worker? Maybe, but there's something in it that just works.

Hoola has also quickly found a place in my everyday routine and so far I am loving the natural, smooth and warm (but not orange) contour/bronzing colour it gives.

That's it for now, I'm sorry about the lack of posts this past week - it's been pretty crazy with uni preparations, a family wedding and work so I haven't had the time but I'll get back into the swing of things now!

Lots of Love,


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen x BikBok Haul

Last Thursday the Scandinavian Clothing store BikBok launched the first part, out of three, of their Collection that they've made together with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. As a huge fan of the twins and their eye for fashion and style, I was very excited to check the pieces out and hopefully pick some of them up. I didn't have time to head down to my local store until yesterday so I knew there was a chance that a lot of the collection would be sold out already, at least in my size. It turned out I was lucky as there were still quite a lot left and I got a hold of all the items I'd been wanting, apart form a blazer, and I thought I'd show you what I ended up with. I picked up two of the gorgeous shirts/blouses, one in a checkered burnt red and blue with a bow in the front and a black, high - neck, crochet patterned one. Both are in a lovely material and they have slightly 'fluffy' sleeves that come in quite fitted at the wrists - secured with nice little buttons. I also grabbed a mid-sized hand bacg in black and white with three compartments inside + a zipped pocket. it comes with a handle on top as well as a long black strap. Last but not least I decided on the black belt with gold studs and a big gold buckle - perfect with black jeans!

I absolutely love the outcome of this collaboration and can't wait for the next two parts! I'll try and do OOTD's with these items in the near future, but can't promise anything ;) And one more thing - If you haven't already I would love it if you'd follow me on Bloglovin' - that way you'll never miss a post.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Curly Curls And What Not

Listen up girls (and guys) I got in to university! Gaaahhh, I am super excited yet can't really wrap my head around the thought of moving to Manchester in just over a month! There are about a billion things I have had to add to my 'To-Do' list in the past 24 hours since I got the decision, suppose I just have to start at the top and work my way down :) If any of you Uni people have any good tips, please let me know in the comments! 

Anyway, over to the post! It's been a while since I've done a hair-related post so I figured I could do one today, all about how I curl my hair and which products I use. Keep in mind I don't curl my hair all that often as it takes waaay too long with all this hair, but when I do - this is how :)

Products: TRESemmé Heat Protector (I've just started using the Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press one and think I might prefer it..), Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz Lotion, Wide Tooth Comb

Start by applying an anti-frizz lotion or serum if you need it, then fire ahead with the heat protector - don't be shy, it will only do your hair good :) Brush through your hair, then section it off and we're ready to start curling!

I have the José Eber Pro Series 19mm Curling wand (I'm looking into getting a bigger one as this one makes the curls a little bit to small in my opinion)  and basically just take some small and some larger sections of hair and wrap them around the wand, hold until my hair is warm then release and keep on doing that all over. I tend to mix up the 'directions' of the curls so that it's all more random and 'messy'. Once one layer is done, pull down some more hair and keep doing that until your whole head of hair is one big curly mess.

Run your fingers though the curls to loosen them a bit and you're done! If you need hairspray,  now's the time to add that but mine tend to hold well enough without.

So yeah, that's how I get my hair curled.. Nothing new or fancy but oh well. Remember to leave your Uni tips in the comments if you have any that you think will help! And if you haven't already, please go follow me on  Bloglovin' and I'll love you to bits :)

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Golden Zara Love

A few weeks ago I saw Kayleigh from Couture Girl post an Instagram photo of a pair of gorgeous Zara heels with the caption that she was selling them. As the shoe-holic and shopaholic I am, I went for it and bought them. A short week later and they were on my doorstep - literally. I was about to step on them as I walked out! Anyway, I love them so much that I figured it was only a matter of days before I had to share them with you guys, so here they are - my precious Zara heels in all their glory...on my feet. I hope none of you have a pet peeve about feet...nor a fetish. Both would make this a bit awkward. Now, enough of the ramble!

These heels are pretty much just your normal sandal heels in black suede, with a strap over the toes and one around the ankle, with a little gold buckle to hold it in place. The actual heel part of them is what's so gorgeous as it is covered in shiny gold! Ahhh, love. As for how comfortable they are - considering the heels are thin they are very comfortable. The perfect pair for any occasion whether it may be work, shopping, dinner, a party, a wedding - anything, anytime :)

I realised it's a bit odd to dedicate a whole post to one pair of shoes but oh well. If you do enjoy these kind of haul posts then let me know and I will do some more - I have some new purchases lying around that I can show you if you'd like it! And if you haven't already I would really appreciate it if you'd follow my blog on Bloglovin' and Facebook :)

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Friday, August 02, 2013

July Favourites!

For once I don't feel like the past month has gone by super quickly.. to be honest these past two weeks have gone by soooo slowly as I haven't really been doing anything at all. Anyway, a month is over and it has come to the time when every beauty blogger summons her brain cells to remember all the 'most loved' products of the past month. Now, I won't do monthly favourites every month, but whenever I have been loving new or different products that I want to share with you - then I'll do one. And this month just happened to be one of those.

1. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Suppose you've all heard of this un' right? Well all the hype is well deserved for a wonder worker like this. Review here.

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop A shimmery version of the original. Gorgeous on the eyes but also as a (prepare yourself) cheek highlighter/glow-giver. 

3. TopShop Lip Paint in Yeah Right You've heard me rave about this a thousand times over. It is purely brilliant. Read my review here.

4. MAC Eyeshadow in Cork A brilliant all over the lid, wash of colour. No shimmer, no fuzz, just natural definition in a pot.

5. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Khol Liner in Noir My go-to black liner for when I want a simple, black, long-lasting rim around my eyes.

6. MAC Eye Pencil in Teddy  Another much loved product by beauty girls all over. The warm, rich chocolatey bronze colour is smooth and easy to apply and suits so to say everyone.

7. Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush How I haven't thought of using this for my brows before now - I don't know. But I do know that I will not go back to the horrible, old brush I used before - ever.

8. Diorskin Nude BB Cream in 002 I now understand why so many people are loving this little guy - because now - so do I. Healthy, flawless glow in a little tube. Read my full review here.

9. Sleek Blush Trio in Pumpkin Who would have thought that it would take me almost a year before I dared try the gorgeous pink in there? Squash is now my everyday blush! 

10. Real Techniques Blush Brush This is the best brush I own together with the MAC 217. Blush, Contour, Powder - it does it better than any other brush I've tried.

Those are my favourites, but I would love to have a peek at yours too, so let me know in the comments or leave a link if you've done a post too :) 

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diorskin Nude BB Cream

The before shot...
... and the awkward over-happy after shot...
I have the shade 002. Used the Real Techniques Expert Face brush to buff it in. 

Why hello there, aren't I late to the bandwagon with this review? The Diorskin Nude BB Cream has been all over the beauty blogging community this spring and summer, and there are very few negative thoughts to be thought about it. I picked it up about 3 weeks ago and have been wearing it almost every day since and I can't say I have any complaints. Yes, it's that good. 30 ml of long-lasting grease-free, dewy, sun-protected flawlessness.

As for how it performs; its coverage can be compared to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, although I would say the Diorskin provides a bit more of a flawless finish. It feels very smooth and light when you apply it and blending or buffing it in is no problem at all. It is a no fuzz kind of product which I love. Once applied, it sets in a matter of seconds and your skin appears more even, glowy and flawless without looking like you are wearing any make-up at all. Unlike many BB creams I don't find this one to be greasy even though it is dewy and it hasn't been slipping and sliding, but it stays put all day long. Extra pluses are that it has an spf 10 and there's a pump. Now, there are only 3 shades but I think most people will get away with one of them as it blends in very well. So apart from the price £30 it is a full on winner, and I will probably keep on repurchasing this as I love how it covers enough but doesn't leave me looking like a "cakey" mess nor a grease ball at the end of the day. 

Throwing in a last shot of how it looks with a completed look, eyes, brows, contour and all that jazz :) sorry about the dark lighting.. the weather was really odd this day and it was hard to keep up with the moving clouds!

If you want to pick it up and try it yourself, you can order it here with free shipping worldwide :) 

Have you tried this BB cream? If so what are your thoughts?
Also let me know in the comments if there are any products you'd like me to review or if you have a request for a make-up look or any kind of post at all :)

Lots of Love,


Monday, July 29, 2013

Rouge Amour

I am finally getting the blogging 'spirit' back. I lost it for a bit back there and along with being a bit busy I just neglected the whole idea of snapping and typing. Now however I enjoy every tap that my fingers get to do whether it's on the camera button or the keyboard. That's not what I'm here to talk about today though, you see I have been very into red lips lately and I figured it was about time I introduced you to my little red collection.

 1. Lancôme Rouge In Love #170N  2. Bourjois Rouge Edition #10 Rouge Buzz  3. Revlon Lip Butter #35 Candy Apple  4. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Flame  5. TopShop Lip Paint in Yeah Right  6. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer #501 Stellar  7. MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry

As you can see I am leaning over on the drugstore side but when it comes to lip products I find that the 'high street' brands do them just as well, if not better sometimes, as 'high end' ones. I am a sucker for longevity so 3 of them are of the 'lip stain' sort (#4, 5 & 6) and the cherry lip pencil is something every red-lip-loving girl should have. It is brilliant, gorgeous and does not leave your lips. The lip butter is definitely the sheerest out of the bunch but just like the Bourjois Rouge Buzz it can be both very sheer and very opaque, depending on how you apply it. My go-to glamour red is the Lancôme one. It is silky smooth, a bit glossy and the most perfect shade of red.

So those are my red babies that I have been whipping out a lot lately. Nothing beats sunkissed skin, light, natural makeup and a bold red lip. I would love to hear what your favourites are when it comes to bolder lip shades, so let me know in the comments! 

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Lots of Love,


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Smudged Blue

I'm warning you ..There's a very annoying strand of hair that decided to join in on the pictures below, and to add to it the lash band on my falsies wasn't covered well enough so you can see them as well. oh, the joy of life huh?

Sometimes you don't want to spend a lot of time on your make-up but you still want to look like you have put some effort in. It might be for a party, a normal day, a dinner, a date - anything really, but for those times it is good to have a look or two stored in the back of your head that you know is quick but will make a big difference. This make-up look is one of those. All you need is 3 products.

I know there are 4 products here but the concealer is optional ;) 

Dig out a black eye pencil/khol liner and another one in a colour of your choice, although the result is best if this colour is a dark one (green, blue, purple, brown/bronze). Then find a warm shimmery eye shadow, cream shadow or eye pencil that you will later use as an inner corner highlighter. If you need it grab your under eye concealer, then a flat and dense brush as well as a small, fluffy shader brush. Now, let's get on to the step-by-step.

1. Line your lash line with the coloured pencil. Make the line quite thick with a little flick, then smudge it from the top by using the dense brush. Don't smudge it too much, only to the point where it is not a very harsh line. Make sure not to take it up too far towards the crease.

2. Using the black liner, draw a thin line very close to the lashes to make a more intense and dimensional look.

Do both of those steps to the bottom lash line as well. Just make sure not to take it too far down.

3. Use the highlight shade and pat it in the inner corner with the shader brush (or your finger). you can also take some of this on your brow bone to highlight that as well.

Finish off with mascara and some falsies if you'd like and a touch of your concealer under your eyes and you're done! If you feel like making it less quick and more dramatic, add some eyeshadow such as MAC's Soba or Cork all over the lid. It will deepen the look further and make your eyes look extra smokey and seductive. Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial. If you try it let me know how it worked out :) 

Lots of Love,