Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen x BikBok Haul

Last Thursday the Scandinavian Clothing store BikBok launched the first part, out of three, of their Collection that they've made together with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. As a huge fan of the twins and their eye for fashion and style, I was very excited to check the pieces out and hopefully pick some of them up. I didn't have time to head down to my local store until yesterday so I knew there was a chance that a lot of the collection would be sold out already, at least in my size. It turned out I was lucky as there were still quite a lot left and I got a hold of all the items I'd been wanting, apart form a blazer, and I thought I'd show you what I ended up with. I picked up two of the gorgeous shirts/blouses, one in a checkered burnt red and blue with a bow in the front and a black, high - neck, crochet patterned one. Both are in a lovely material and they have slightly 'fluffy' sleeves that come in quite fitted at the wrists - secured with nice little buttons. I also grabbed a mid-sized hand bacg in black and white with three compartments inside + a zipped pocket. it comes with a handle on top as well as a long black strap. Last but not least I decided on the black belt with gold studs and a big gold buckle - perfect with black jeans!

I absolutely love the outcome of this collaboration and can't wait for the next two parts! I'll try and do OOTD's with these items in the near future, but can't promise anything ;) And one more thing - If you haven't already I would love it if you'd follow me on Bloglovin' - that way you'll never miss a post.

Lots of Love,



Becky Fearn said...

The bag is totally gorgeous!!

B xx

Emily B said...

The blouses are amazing! I love the look of everything! and please try to do some OOTD's with these pieces, I would love to see them in action-so to speak.