Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Curly Curls And What Not

Listen up girls (and guys) I got in to university! Gaaahhh, I am super excited yet can't really wrap my head around the thought of moving to Manchester in just over a month! There are about a billion things I have had to add to my 'To-Do' list in the past 24 hours since I got the decision, suppose I just have to start at the top and work my way down :) If any of you Uni people have any good tips, please let me know in the comments! 

Anyway, over to the post! It's been a while since I've done a hair-related post so I figured I could do one today, all about how I curl my hair and which products I use. Keep in mind I don't curl my hair all that often as it takes waaay too long with all this hair, but when I do - this is how :)

Products: TRESemmé Heat Protector (I've just started using the Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press one and think I might prefer it..), Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz Lotion, Wide Tooth Comb

Start by applying an anti-frizz lotion or serum if you need it, then fire ahead with the heat protector - don't be shy, it will only do your hair good :) Brush through your hair, then section it off and we're ready to start curling!

I have the José Eber Pro Series 19mm Curling wand (I'm looking into getting a bigger one as this one makes the curls a little bit to small in my opinion)  and basically just take some small and some larger sections of hair and wrap them around the wand, hold until my hair is warm then release and keep on doing that all over. I tend to mix up the 'directions' of the curls so that it's all more random and 'messy'. Once one layer is done, pull down some more hair and keep doing that until your whole head of hair is one big curly mess.

Run your fingers though the curls to loosen them a bit and you're done! If you need hairspray,  now's the time to add that but mine tend to hold well enough without.

So yeah, that's how I get my hair curled.. Nothing new or fancy but oh well. Remember to leave your Uni tips in the comments if you have any that you think will help! And if you haven't already, please go follow me on  Bloglovin' and I'll love you to bits :)

Lots of Love,



studentbeauty said...

Oh my god congratulations missy! So happy for you xxx

Abby Connigale said...

Congratulations on getting into Uni!

Abby xo

My Name Is Not Kel said...

Congratulations on getting into uni! I've just finished my first year so if you have any questions let me know.

Beth Griffiths said...

Congratulations, I'm going into my third year so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I also nominated you for a liebster award over at
Beth x

VaVaViolet said...

I nominated you for a liebster award over at my blog! Gorgeous blog definite follow!x

Abby McHale said...

Well done on getting into university! I'm going into second year in September so I know how it feels!

I've nominated you for a liebster award on my blog :)

Abby xx

Becky Fearn said...

You look so cute in that last picture! love your hair, I love to curl mine too :)

B xx

georgia-may said...

Oooooh you'll have so much fun at uni!! Have a look at my blog it's pretty much the life of me as a uni student!

Georgia x