Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Hair Care Edit

As we speak I am trying not to overthink my uni packing too much and have decided to go for the 'take all you can fit' approach, which seems to be working out..for now at least. After spending too much time selecting clothes I decided to do head to my bathroom for a smack-down of products there instead. It turned out to be a quick 'un and since I now have my staples in front of me I figured I'd do a Hair Care post before I stack them in a corner of the small *erhm-large* beauty section of my suitcase.

I do like to take care of my hair, but I in contrast to my make-up routine I like for it to be quick. Because of that I do most of the 'care-taking' whilst I'm in the shower and leave only one or two products for afterwards. 

For a good old thourough cleanse of my hair I usually opt for Aussie's Mega Shampoo or  Miracle Moist Shampoo both of which smells like heaven in a bottle. I use the latter mainly when my hair is over on the dry side of things and the other for just a nice clean scalp (ugh that sounded gross). For the days when I want to wash my hair as quickly as possible but still have it looking good Aussie 3 Minute Miracle really is a miracle and a life saver. Glossy, soft hair in no time - or at least 3 minutes which gives you just enough time to scrub your body, shave them legs or cleanse your face. For the days when I have a few extra minutes I take my fairly new found love L'oréal's Mythic Oil, a smooth, buttery/oily - but not grasy or heavy- deep conditioner. I apply this from my eras and down, focusing most of the product at the ends. This should be called mystic oil because god knows what they put in this that makes your hair so darn amazing. I haven't seen a dry tip or split end in weeks and that's a rare sight, so mahusive thumbs up for this guy.

As for the pre and post hair care I don't do much but if I'm styling my hair I use the Paul Mitchell Express Style - Heat Off The Press heat protector + style spray. It smells divinge and doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy at all. If my hair looks dull I have recently started doing a bit of pre-shower caring. I use my Kicks Multi-Usage Oil which can be used as a finishing oil but I find it too greasy, so instead I get very generous with it about 20 minutes before I jump in the shower and take it though the lenghts of my hair (sometimes even the roots + scalp, but then you've got to shampoo twice to make sure you rinse it all out). This makes me look like I've put on a wig that's a mix of Severus Snape's greasy hair and Lucifus Malfoy's flatter than flat hair, but regardless - once I've rinsed it all out and washed my hair as normal it's well worth it :) 

By using these products I have managed to get my hair to a state where it's not heavy, über glossy and flat with too much stuff in it but not dry and frizzy either. Just nice and soft with a little shine! Let me know what you use on your hair!

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Love, Em


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