Saturday, September 08, 2012

MY STYLE #3 - Plaid Shirt Crush

(pre-wrote this post so that I could focus on school work this weekend (: )

Good Afternoon!

I hope you've all had (and are having) a great day! As I showed in a post a few days ago, I got a new plaid patterned shirt! As it happens, I am now completely and utterly in love with it. Plaid patterns/checkered patterns aren't a major staple in the autumn trends this year, but they were featured in several of the collections during NY Fashion Week, so I would say it isn't a bad thing to keep in your closet for the coming months.

As for my shirt, it is rather soft, thin and 100% cotton. It is plaid/checkered (Plaid or checkered? - which one is more appropriate to use in a setting like this? let me know :P) in the colours navy and white, with pushbuttons(?) which I personally love because it saves so much time! Anyways, the other day I put together an outfit with it and I took some pictures so that I could share it with my amazing readers :)

(Was not trying to lean so much to one side...this just happened to be the only front facing picture :))

Shirt from Carlings (Brand: R&D Red and Label)
Highwaisted Jeans from BikBok
Belt from old times :) Don't know what store - found it in a box...

Wrap Bracelet from Monki
Large Ring w/ Orange "stone" from BikBok (I believe..)
Small Silver Heart Ring was a gift from my mom :)

Owl Ring from... I can't remember...
Stackable Rings (3 from a set of 8) from H&M

Silver Bracelet was a gift from Ingvild
Festival "bracelet"
Amnesty "bracelet" in the colours of the rainbow (Rainbow Flag/Homosexual Flag)

Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you like the plaid/checkered pattern?

Talk to you all soon!


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Marit said...

Gorgeous as always <3
Miss you!!