Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello! Prepare yourself for excuse # 3219049054 ...These past weeks have been INSANELY busy! I've been all over the place since I got back to Norway! Visiting family in Trondheim, going back and forth to my cabin, meeting my sisters again, catching up with friends, starting school (where I didn't/don't know anyone), re-decorating/modelling the house and just a bunch of stuff, in other, and fewer, words I haven't had time to prioritate my blog. But I have stocked up on quite a few pictures that I will start to feature in my future posts! Outfits, purchases, beauty tips et.c. so keep your eyes open for those!

I thought that it would be appropriate to make an outfit post today, but instead of calling it outfit of the day or something, I decided to call these posts "MY STYLE", since that is basically what it is! Anways, here goes MY STYLE #1!

Everything is from H&M

I would love to hear what you would like to see me post whether it is tutorials on how to do/make something, more outfits, tips, purchases I make, travelling tips/stories etc.. Let me know in the comments  and I will see what I can do :)

Talk to you soon - I mean it this time!

Lots of love, 


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Marit said...

Kjekt at du har begynt å blogga igjen :)
Fint antrekk!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love the style and the new ideas. I'd like to see some tutorials on how to do a hairstyle or such. :)