Saturday, October 20, 2012

London: WB Harry Potter Studio Tour


So I promised you a new post today, and well here it is!

When I went to London last week, it was not only to go crazy shopping, we also went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, which for those of you who don't know is a tour of the Harry Potter studio(s)! That is true, you get to walk on set and see all the real  props and costumes and ohh...words can not describe the happy feeling I got from being there. So instead of making a failed attempt of putting this experience into words, I will let the pictures to the talking for me. Enjoy, Harry Potter geeks!

Sorry if that was a bit “over the top” with pictures, but I wanted to show a teeny bit of everything and it was hard to only choose some … Believe me, I have many more pictures where these came from :) But I hope you enjoyed it and that if you have been considering going - this helped you decide. It really is incredible, especially for those of us who have read the books and watched the movies several times... I can admit I have, I even know many of the lines from the movies by heart! It’s on the edge of being embarrassing…

Now I have to get some more school work done, but I will talk to you all shortly!

Have you been to the studio tour? What did you think?

Have a nice Saturday!

- Em


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Anonymous said...

oh, gash it's so cool! I'm so sad that I'm soo far away, I would have so much fun ;S

Kelly Janes said...
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Kelly Janes said...

I've been to this tour and I absolutely loved it! The gift shop was incredible too - could have been a separate tour in itself. Love your blog, I'm new x

Emilie said...

It is incredible! Haha I agree :)
Thank you! xx Em