Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Summer Dreams

Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Weheartit, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest.. Where and when will my addiction end? Apparently not there and not now. My good friend (and blogger) Amalie introduced me to Polyvore yesterday - damn you for giving me another reason not to socialize...Anyways, after starting about ten different sets/collages, I finally managed to stay focused on finishing one (there's constantly new items popping up that you want to use in a new set which makes it hard to only create one...) and it is definitely reflecting my longing for summer! But as a beauty/fashion blogger I thought I could be fun to share, and if any of you lovelies would fancy following my polyvore profile to see all my future sets, then just click the link below :)

Summer shopping

$40 -

$135 -

I know I am definitely going to get quite a lot of inspiration from this page so I recommend it to every fashionista or beautygeek out there!

Do you have Polyvore?

- Em

Oh and PS. today (the 17th is my birthday, so now I am officially an adult :)


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amalie said...

haha sorry! love it, especially the sandals!