Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Girl Behind The Keyboard

Who am I to my readers? That was a question that popped into my head the other day, and I realized that you do not really know too much about me. Therefore I am making this post to share a little bit more of who I am... on an unserious level at least :)

1.) I love lemon, lime, oranges and any citrus-y foods, drinks or products. Although on the other hand I can't stand coriander, sour cream, balsamic/vinegar dressings and oils...

2.) I am planning to study Fashion Marketing/Promotion in the UK, as well as attending a make-up artist course so that I can one day work within the two industries that I love more than anything!

3.) I am obsessed with really is a bad habit

4.) For years I have dreamt about attending New York or London Fashion Week, not as an audience but as someone who is part of what goes on backstage. It has now become my #1 dream to achieve.

5.) I love singing and dancing, especially when I vacuum and clean up around the house! However I wanted to pursue sining as a career when I was a little younger.

6.) I first got into makeup and beauty about 3 years ago when I came across a make-up tutorial by MakeupByTiffanyD on youtube!

7.) I have a silent desire to try modeling, but never had the guts to actually try it...Maybe that should be one of my to-do things!

8.) I speak three languages: Norwegian, English and Spanish, but I understand Danish and Sweedish as well although few people would count them considering I know Norwegian which is fairly similar.

9.) I am 1 year younger than the rest of my grade, as I kind of got to skip a year due to my 1 year in Colombia.

10.) I have 3 older sisters, whom I love very much! Now that I am older I feel like I have some very good friends in them which I am so grateful for :)

11.) I am a mahusive (a mixture of massive and huge) fan of Harry Potter. I know pretty much every line in the movies and the books are pretty much stamped onto my brain after I read them the 4th (..or was it 5th?) time! So yes, I love J.K.Rowling for creating such an incredible world, and I love Warner Bros. and Universal for opening their Harry Potter park and studio so that I, among all the other fans out there can feel like we are living in the magical world. See a post here from when I visited the WB studio tour, unfortunately I have lost the post from Universal, but both are incredible to visit for us HP geeks ;)

12.) I love roller coasters! Haha, quite random but I do :)

13.) I have a gap in my teeth that has always been there and always will be unless it decides to go away itself. Anyhow I do not intend to do anything in order to remove it. I like being a ginger with freckles and a gap between her teeth.

My second oldest sister and me in Universal :)

In Colombia

At the WB studio tour

If you liked this post I might do more of the same type in the future however, I would love it if you would, for now, leave me a comment telling me a few facts about yourself, so that I can get to know you better too! 

Lots of love, always




Lou said...

¡Me encanta leer que hablas español! ¡Qué bien! ¿Has pensado en hacer las entradas de tu blog en español también? :)


Emilie said...

Jajaj, noo porque hablo mejor que escribo y tambien porque no tengo tiempo para escribir en dos lenguas :) Pero me gusta leer los partes españoles en tu blog! :)

xx Em

Anonymous said...

Så kjekke du hørres ut! ;-)

studentbeauty said...

Oh my gosh I love your blog so much! We are so similar haha, I agree with almost all of these :)