Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back in business

Okay, so it is officially time to get back into business with my blogging. The lack of updates lately is frankly embarrassing, so what better way to come back than with a big, red boom - or maybe I should say pout?

As you may know, I went to England for a week last week, and as always when I travel - I picked up a few bits and pieces. One of them being the TopShop Lip Paint in Yeah Right. This has to be one of the most opaque orange toned red lip products I have tried! I suspect it is fairly similar to the YSL Glossy Stains (I believe that is what they are called) and the new L'oréal GlamShine Stain Splash, and I know that it has a very similar consistensy, finish and lasting power as the Rimmel Apocalips. In other words, for those of you who have not tried any of the products I just mentioned (such as me before I went to England...a little late on the bandwagon you say?) then I will jot down their magical powers for you.

The Lip Paint has a very smooth, non-sticky consistency, it is extremely vibrant and stains your lips so that the colour appears very true to what you see in the tube (so be careful when applying it - and if you make a mistake clean it up immediately as it will stain your skin otherwise..). As for the finish, it is in fact quite glossy, but not as in the sticky glossy look you often get from lip glosses (you may get the hunch that I don't like lip glosses...and well, I don't ) but rather a slight "wet-looking" sheen. Gorgeous I think. However, the best is yet to come. After a while (30 min-1 hr) the finish starts to turn matte, and you are left with vibrantly stained lips that stay stained for hours! Eat, drink, talk - whatever, once this sets it does not budge! I wore it yesterday at a 40th birthday party and only had to top it up with a quick new layer after the dinner and by then I had been wearing it for a good 3-4 hours already and it was only fading in the center. I am impressed by this beauty and as for TopShop's makeup - Je T'aime! 

Pick it up for £10 at TopShop. They do not stock this colour online at the moment, but they do have it in a gorgeous orange called Low Down.

And a quick tip: Scrub your lips and apply a little lip balm before you apply your lip colour to avoid it sticking to any flakey or dry bits! The Lush Lip Scrub's are brilliant for that, and they are even edible so you can just lick it off afterwards! I have it in Bubblegum. Pick it up online or in a Lush store for £5.25.

I wish you all a happy and relaxing Sunday!




AlittlebitUnique said...

I love a red lip, I'll definitely need to check out the topshop lip paint

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TheImperfectBeauty said...

That looks amazing! I've never seen the Topshop Lip Paints in the shops, I'll have to check online! xxx