Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Endless Hair Dilemma

I'm sure you've all been through it at least once; What to do with your hair? I'm asking myself (and everyone around me) that right now as I have an appointment to go to the hairdresser on Friday (basically tomorrow..) and have absolutely no clue what to do. Well that's a lie. I do have a few ideas of things I'd like, and most importantly I know that I want to change it up somehow. I'm getting a bit bored of long hair that doesnt have anything to it. So, my ideas!

1. Cut it to shoulder length à la Vivianna at viviannadoesmakeup  and Alexa Chung.
2. Finally get an ombre. Think Rachel BilsonLauren Conrad, Gillian Zinser and Alexa Chung
3. Get bangs again, only this time not have them be super thick and heavy, but light like this:

What do you think I should do? I am desperate for a bit of help! 
Keep it long or cut it off? Bangs or ombre? A mix?

Love, Emilie


Anonymous said...

I recently had 6 inches cut off my hair, it's still long enough for me to style however I want to, but it feels so much bouncier and healthier! Was definitely a good decision :)
I also tried ombre earlier this year, it looked lovely but it totally ruined the ends of my hair :(
Aileen x

Storybook Apothecary said...

shoulder length with bangs would be adorable for spring! ♥

studentbeauty said...

You should go for a balayage look, not quite as strong as ombre and won't ruin your hair. Your hair is so lovely long though, and I do love those bangs! xx