Friday, August 22, 2014

Confession Time

For the past six months I have had a bit of a struggle with blogging. 3 years ago I started a blog, it wasn't my first one but my previous ones were deleted and I wanted to make a new one. My main reason was to blog about my time and experiences living in Colombia with my parents as an expat family. For a while that was all it was, but halfway through our stay I decided I wanted to blog about something other that what I was doing and so I slowly turned what was then called Me In Colombia into Someone In The Corner. A beauty and fashion blog. I say fashion but do I mean it? Not really. The thing is I always wanted to make SITC a fashion and personal style blog, but due to many different reasons never did and just stuck to the beauty. For the past year/six months I have grown more and more interested in clothes, style and fashion, and beauty and makeup has become more of a routine rather than something I love exploring. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy doing my makeup and still care about treating my skin well, but I used to love spending ages in the cosmetics section of department shops, just trying and discovering products whilst now I go in, get what I need and leave. Now it is clothes I spend hours on. 

What I am trying to say is that the reason to why my blog has lacked love recently is because I have been struggling to find a way to go from beauty to fashion, yet I haven't been able to keep writing exciting posts about beauty. Hence I have been stuck in a bit of a rut. In other words, I am trying to find my own way of doing 'fashion blogging'. It's currently all just being planned in my head and in numerous different notebooks, but it is happening.

I have made a deal with myself that when I go back to manchester in September my blog will no longer be a beauty blog, but a fashion blog with a splash of beauty. I am excited to finally get this all sorted and stop the halfheartedly written blog posts.  

Alright! I didn't mean for that to be oh so serious but what can you do? I don't think you will be hearing from me until I am back in Manc, but in the mean time may I suggest you all go and grab the Marie Claire Runway magazine - it is bloody brilliant and will prep you for AW14 trends like no other mag. I for one devoured mine on the flight back from a week in sunny south of France yesterday.

Ciao Bellas!

Emilie x

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Sand K said...

Em, so glad you will be back to regular blogging. Looking forward to reading what you have to come!