Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Favourite: Dark lips

I wanted to share with you all one of my current beauty favourites, the dark lip. Now I know this has been all over the beauty world for quite some time already. Every autumn it returns even more so that the year before. The dark red/plum/berry lip is an autumn staple for us beauty girls, and well I think I have found my favourite among the many options out there. MAC lipstick in Rebel. It is a deep purple berry colour, one I would not have guessed to suit me, but to my pleasant surprise it worked well with my pale, freckled skin and strawberry blonde hair.

Here it is, the little beauty MAC Rebel 

Even though this is my current favourite lip product, it does not have the pride of being with me on-the-go. In my little makeup bag that I carry everywhere I have the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in  Crushed.  It looks like this on the lips:

As you can see it is not too different from the MAC Rebel in colour, just a tad bit more sheer and it had teeny tiny sparkles (they don't appear in the pictures but they are there). The balm stain is also more of a balm - go figure when it is a balmstain, anyway that is why I love it for on-the-go as I usually just want to slap on something simple, and not worry too much about it being drying.
Another difference is the price, where the MAC lipstick is up at £14 and the Revlon Balm Stain is at £7.99. 

They are both grat products and very "in" for autumn, although I love this deep berry colour all year around :) For the record, the pictures show the colour slightly more red than it is in real life, where it is more on the berry/purple side -just so you know :)

Do you like the berry/purple coloured lip products? 
Do you have any you think I should check out? 

- Em 


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amalie said...

digge d!!

Sophie said...

I've been after a dark purple lippy for aaaages! Going to get one on payday! The colour just reminds me of winter and christmas ::) xxx

Missy said...

Wow I think that the berry tone of the MAC lipstick just looks amazing! I've been after a lipstick like this for years and shall go to the next MAC store and buy it =)

Emilie said...

Glad I could help you discover it! :D

Sandrine said...

This looks great on you! And you're right, berry shades are great all year round!

Now following, follow back if you would like!

Marit said...

Kjempe fine bilder, og du passte den fargen kjempe godt!! :)
Veldig kjekt å skypa me deg på søndag, glede meg te å se d herliga smile ditt igjen <3

Liyana Marie said...

i love mac rebel lipstick ! Such a gorgeous color
and it looks amazing on you

xx Liyana

Emilie said...

It is a perfect autumn colour :)
Thank you, youre so sweet!

xx Em

Emilie said...

Let me know which one you end up with! I'd love to pick up some more "shades" of this colour! :D I'm obsessed....

xx Em