Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bandana Love

Ok, so I'll admit it; I've become addicted to bandanas and headbands... I don't own many, but I sure do love the ones I have! Ususally I'm not much of a "hair down" girl, simply because I don't like having hair flying everywhere, but with bandanas, I get the hair out of my face which is all I am asking for :)

In the pictures above I am wearing a leopard print headband from NewLook that I bought about a year ago. What I love about this one is that it has a metal string inside it which is what shapes to your head and ties/twists together at the top - as tight or loose as you would like. The colour is not bad either as it blends in nicely with my strawberry blonde hair.

My other ones are the regular bandanas which are more or less like handkerchiefs tied around your hed - oh what a lovely description.. I love how they work with almost anything clothing wise and you can wear them with your hair up, down, or however you like :) I definitely got bitten by this trend a little late, as it has subsided a bit now that autumn is here and winter approaches, but oh well - We can still rock it right?

Do you like bandanas & headbands? What is your favourite way of wearing them?

I am sorry for the huge gap in posts this week, I just needed a little break, but I anm back now :)

Have a nice day wherever you may be in the world!

- Em


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Steve said...

Would you be interested in helping me out with a survey? It involves people wearing headwear in public. Steve