Saturday, March 09, 2013


Ok, prepare yourself because I am about to post a picture that is more cliché than any picture I have ever posted. I am a dreamer - an ambitious one too, and on top of that I am very determined and focused towards my dreams. Although many of my dreams are serious and "real" such as education, a job I love et.c. I have a fair few more silly ones as well. One of which is going to California and New York. Ugh, I feel like I am one of those 14-year-old girls with white hair and orange skin who plan on going to California to get a boob-job and become super-famous. But I promise, that is not at all my intention nor my dream. It's far from it actually.

I have always been facinated about the cultural diverstiy in Both New York and California, and as a music loving fashion geek, culture, style and inspiration will always intrigue me and therefore I want to someday go to these two places - to be inspired! And hopefully that someday will be next summer :D Yes, I am already thinking about next year's summer... That's just how I am

Anyway, after spending far too much time of my precious saturday drooling over pictures on weheartit I decided that I might as well make a little collage out of some of them: Enter the picture..

This is what I spend my time doing - No life you say? I know...





Marit said...

Kjempe fine bilder og bra at du har drømmer! Eg e sikker på at du kan oppnå akkurat det du har lyst te!! :)
Koss lage collage med bilder?
Stor Klem fra Marit

Emilie said...

Takk Marit!! Eg lage di i Picasa :) klem! xx