Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catching up

Some of my latest intagrammies. 

My Leather Jacket is back - aka. spring is close // New shoes! // Favourite natural lipstick - MAC Patisserie // Birthday party time! // make-up shot // FOTD wearing the makeup in the previous picture // My first proper portrait - Emeli Sandé // New profile picture! // Summer Plans are coming together - Music Festival in Scotland, here I come! // Go-to breakfast - vanilla yogurt, granola, rasberries and orange jucie // Cupcake making happens to be a kind of hobby of mine...

If you would like to see more pictures from my everyday life and get quite frequent updates then go ahead and follow me on my Instagram and Twitter :) And also - I just started using Keek! For those of you who don't know, it is sort of like twitter only in video form. You can upload quick videos that last up to 34 seconds and share them, like, comment, and  respond (with your own keek video)  to them! If you have a keek of your own or want to have a closer look at it and maybe follow me then go to keek's website or go to my profile emilygarns

Now I have to finish packing, then I am off to London, Manchester and Leeds for a week! I will try to put up a few posts while I am away, but in the mean time you can keep updated on what I get up to from the links below! Boy have I been repeating my links a ton of times in this post...oh well, I guess you can manage?

PS: You might also want to have a look at the two discount codes in the sidebar. One for Sigma Beauty (10% off) who have amazing make-up brushes, eyeshadows et.c. and the other one for iherb in case you are interested in vitamins, protein powders et.c. :)

- Em



Siren said...

Have a nice trip to London, Manchester and Leeds Emilie! We will miss u a lot <3

AIMEROSE said...

Such a nice blog!
Stop by at mine sometime ♥ Maybe you'd like to follow each other, let's stay in touch ♥