Sunday, April 14, 2013

Laugh Away The Boredom

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I spend most of my time exam studying now a days,  and I went to Oslo to see Mumford And Sons on thursday and only got back yesterday, and today I have been bed-bound and sick so not in a blogger friendly position. However I am feeling much better and thought I would blog a little.

I have previously said that I might pop in with some random posts and today's will be one of those. As some of you might know I am a YouTube addict and over the past year or so I have grown quite the subscription list. I find that on days like today (sick-days) or on rainy, long and boring days where you desperately want some humour and entertainment, YouTube is your bestest friend. Therefore I want to share some of my favourite "get-me-in-a-good-mood" videos with you guys, so that if you ever feel the need to smile, laugh, or stalk someones everyday life for a bit you can check these out!

I decided to go for random, funny ones this time and I have to say that it was hard not to choose more as I find too many of them fun, but oh well let's start out with these eh?

If you would like me to do more of these, let me know! I would be happy to share my favourites amongst beauty/fashion/pranks/challenges/tags etc - whatever you would like! 

If you want to know about other videos I love, then you can follow me on twitter (link is below) where I tweet about many  of the videos I watch. Hope you enjoyed the videos and that they made you crack a little smile! Let me know which one was your favourite, and if you know about any more, let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love and Laughter,



studentbeauty said...

Innuendo bingo was so hilarious! I really hope Joe makes it a regular thing haha


Emilie Garnes said...

I know, me too! He is so funny! :) x

Beauty and the B said...

great idea for a blog post lovely :)

B xxx

Stevie Hearts Makeup said...

Lift Pranks is hillarious!!! Marcus Butler... swoooooon!!!!

Stevie x

Emilie Garnes said...

Hahah I know!! I am secretly crushing on the Harries twins..whops? xx

Emilie Garnes said...

Aw, Thanks! Thought I'd mix it up a bit ;) x