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I am writing this post i honour of my good friend Daniela who passed away exactly one year ago today. She only got to turn 18, but she was the most honest, kind, caring and loving, beautiful person I have ever known. She accepted everyone and spread her love everywhere she went. I think everyone could learn something from a person like her, and that is why I wanted to write this. Please share your thoughts in the comments if you wish, but be respectful. Thank you.

In today's world we are constantly surrounded by impressions of each other. We are a part of a community where so many of us either feel better than everyone else or worse than them. Some think they can get away with being cocky and selfish, putting themselves first in every occasion. Then you have the people who do not think well about themselves at all. 

The media and developing technology has created a platform where it is easy for anyone to edit, perfect and publish their picture-perfect self for the world to see. It has created a platform where we can, without necessarily being caught, tear each other down and present the "right" ways of living and being. It does not always happen intentionally but every day there are newspaper articles, blogposts, YouTube videos and conferences featuring some sort of indication of what is accepted, what is right and what is not good enough when it comes to how we live our lives, how we look and how we act. 

We are so very good at finding the negative aspects of our lives, and terrible at seeing all the positive ones. Therefore I want to use this blogpost to hopefully spread some positivity because despite the negativities within the media, it is also a very good place to spread motivation and support. 

Last week I watched a TV program about the pressure that we are faced with every day when it comes to beauty. I realised that it is true, there is a constant pressure hanging over us, trying to direct us in the directions of diets, injections, picture perfect appearances, success, power... However, that pressure has always been there, and will probably stay there for years to come. The important part is how much we are willing to let it affect and direct us. I know that self-esteem, personal problems and illnesses can play a great part in how we see ourselves, and none of those are very easy to overcome, but I think the best way to see yourself in a better light is to step back, have a good "think" and find a few things you do like about yourself. Then have a look at the people around you and find a few good things about them. It can be anything, something big, small, physical, mental. If you are good at writing, listening, cutting hair or just have a good work ethic - it doesn't matter what it is, but it has to be something you think is a good quality and something you see as important in a person. 

By doing this you will find it easier to not only accept yourself, but also accept those around you. It will help you see them as equals. So whether or not you are used to thinking of yourself as less or more important than others, then realising that the people around you are your equals and not more or less important than you, will help you gain the right amount of confidence. If you are amongst the people who already feel you are on the same line, then finding good qualities in others as well as in yourself is never a bad thing. 

To be able to cooperate we have to support each other and give the courage and the motivation that each an everyone of us need. Some might need it to start their life and follow their dreams, others might need it to get back to their life, then there are those who needs an extra hand just to get through the day. Regardless of the reason, we need to stop ignoring each other and tearing each other down, and start helping and loving those who surround us. It doesn't matter how we look, who we are attracted to, where we are from or how much money we have. Deep down we are all the same and we all need a helping hand sometimes.

The next time you feel less important than someone and think you cannot do something or see someone else who are in the need of some help. Give yourself the courage and know that you are good enough and give that person the same motivation. You are good enough but please remember that those around you are good enough as well. 

My friend Daniela was  was a girl who always saw the best in those around her. When I first met her when I came to Colombia she cared enough to see that I needed a friend and that was what she gave me; a friendship and the support I needed to get through some of the toughest months of my life. I will never forget how she helped me, and I will try my best to spread that same kind of love and care for as long as I live. Rest in peace my beautiful friend.

I know this was a long and very different post, and thank you if you read it all. I know it might have been a bit "one sided" and all, I just wanted to get across a point that caring for those that surround us is one of the most important things we can do in life. 

Together we can make a rainbow of support.
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Lots of Love,

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Blackbird said...

Beautiful post :) Made me smile all along <3

Emilie Garnes said...

Thank you dear, comments like this means everything to me :) xx

Marit said...

Kjempe bra skreve Emilie!! :D