Friday, June 28, 2013

What's In My Bag?

Before I went on vacation a few weeks ago I realised I had no appropriate travel bag. Don't get me wrong, I have enough bags, but they're all of smaller sizes, I don't really go for the big sized ones so I decided to venture out on a little "big-bag" mission. I came back with a massive, spacious beauty that didn't hurt my bank account much at all. For £25 I got this black tote (p)leather - good quality and very sturdy - bag from H&M. They don't have this exact one online, but they do have a similar one here.

MoneySuperMarket is currently doing a competition where you show people what's in your bag and they will reward one lucky winner with a Mulberry bag, purse and phone case, and I mean, who doesn't want to have the chance of winning that. Therefore I am today sharing the contents of my Travel Bag with you. I figured a travel edition was a bit more appropriate around these times as everyone seems to be going somewhere. And also, my everyday contents aren't all that interesting if I'm honest. So let's get on with it!

Oh, and one more thing, the contest also asks you to see how much your bag's content is worth, therefore I will include all the prizes :)

Oh wow. I know I have a computer and a phone in there but still, carrying around something with a value of over £1700 is kind of crazy... Although if I were to remove the two (phone and computer) the rest would only end up at about £145,5 which I guess isn't too bad. Then again when am I ever without my phone? And when I travel I usually bring my laptop (that's what you get for having a blog... ;)) so yeah... MoneySupermarket's competition said to show what you carry with you on a daily basis and although I don't always carry all of this with me - I did bring more or less the same things to school and if my job wasn't being a waitress I suspect that I'd bring something like this to work as well so I guess these are my essentials that I can't go "anywhere" without :)

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my bag! If you want to enter the competition you can read all about it here and if you have a "what's in my bag" post or video then please leave a link in the comments as I would love to see what your essentials are! 

Lots of love,



TheImperfectBeauty said...

Your passport holder is so cute! I wonder do they have a purse in the same design...must have a look! xx

Jodie Marie said...

Wow, I thought mine was expensive!! Your passport holder and notepad are SO cute!

Jodie xo
à la Jode

Cherry said...

Cute bag!

Hollybean said...

Love this post, I always love being nosey at what people carry in their bags :P The bag is absolutely beautiful too it looks designer!
Love Holly x //

Mel Davies said...

I love love love reading these posts, your purse is beautiful, and I always carry a bag with me too xx