Thursday, July 04, 2013

June Beauty Favourites

Wow this year just flies by doesn't it? I can't believe it is already July! Oh well, I can't say I am complaining, summer is definitely my favourite season. But time and weather aside, as a new month has arrived the best beauty gems from the past one are brought out into light to be shared with the rest of the beauty-obsessed community. And without further or-do, here are mine!

In June I had a bit of a "summer clean-out" of my make-up which led to rediscoveries of long forgotten products. One of them being the Nars Blush and Contour Trio (1.) containing the well known blusher Orgasm, the highlighter Albatros and everyone's favourite bronzer Laguna. I got back into using this and could not for the life of me understand why I'd ever stopped, then the mini spots on my cheeks returned and the dreaded memory returned, reminding me that these are no-no products if I want my skin to be spot-free. Apart from that - with these three on my face I get the best looking healthy, bronzed glow I've ever had, hence it is a fave.

Number 2 is a newbie, brought back from Colombia. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is a big star in my brush collection now a days. Looking for a multitask brush - this is it. Blush, bronzer, contour, setting powder - this bad boy does it all. Number 3 is one of the products Molly sent me (post here) and it is one of her favourites too. Of course I'm talking about the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara - ahh there are nothing but good things to say about this.

4 is a new everyday staple, the Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette. Makes doing your brows very quick and easy. Number 5 has been worn almost every day since I got it, Teddy Eye Khol by MAC (haul here). Just like the eye khol, I have been wearing the MAC Eyeshadow Cork more or less on a daily basis. It is a perfect neutral, soft brown for the lid/crease.

Number 7 and 8 have made up my base along with the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser most days, the Rimmel Wake Me Up gives the dewy, glow my face needs for long hours at work and MAC Studio Finish Concealer (another rediscovery) hides any sign of late nights or too much sugar that your skin may be sporting.

All in all this has been a good beauty months - I have gotten a bit of a new routine and I am no longer stuck wearing my same-old same old smokey liner and tinted moisturiser look. High Five for that eh?

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Molly Lyon said...

I need to try wake me up. Looks so good. I'm also very glad you like the Dior mascara! All of mine are currently suffering in comparison now! Xx

Alexandra Miehe said...

I love Dior mascaras but havent tried this one out yet!! maybe I will go give it a try!! Great picks!!

Becky Fearn said...

LOve the Rimmel foundation and blush brush! The NARS trio looks so lovely, but I'm really not a fan of Laguna!

B xx

natasha said...

lovely favourites, i've been loving my rimmel wake me up foundation too this month - i've been meaning to pick up the RT blush brush for a while now, i use almost exclusively real techniques brushes now and I want to complete my collection! xo

Yinyin said...

Loving your favourites! I really want to try the Rimmel foundation!

Yinyin xx

Maqua said...

I want that brush!