Monday, January 20, 2014


A new year means a lot of things. New challenges, experiences, desicions, and changes both big and small. For me the new year meant finally getting round to re-designing my blog. It's something I've been planning for quite a while but I waa firstly not sure what exactly I wanted and secondly was a bit lost as to where to start and how to do things. So I've taken it one step at a time, and tried and failed until I finally ended up with what you see now. It's taken some time, and you might have noticed constant changes on layout, header and so on for the past few weeks - apologies for the mess but it had to be done that way. What I decided to do was clean it all up and make it a very simple layout. I know it's not everyone's taste but I really like it. I wanted it to be easy to navigate without to many buttons, links and stuff going on around the actual posts as I find that to be a bit distracting sometimes. All my links are still at the top so it is easy to follow me on all my social media, the blog archive is all the way at the bottom - below the 4 posts on the page, along with my google friend connect and a few other banners. So more or less everything is still here, just not where it used to be. I really hope you like it and that you will share your thoughts on it with me in the comments. If there's something you think I should definitely change then let me know about that as well :)

As for my coming plans for the SITC (I only just now realised my blog has the same 'initials' as Sex and the City) I have a few little things planned, including a Uni Room Tour if that is something you would all be interested in? Could also include a few tips ++ for what to bring/get and how to make use of the little space you usually get in halls. Would that be interesting? 

I just wanted to give you that little update for now. A new proper post will be up in not long - finish my exams on Wednesday so I'll have plenty of time to work on some good content!

And my new short hair is a New Year thing too.

Love, Emilie

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