Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beauty Innovation

OK,  so I managed to delete this post as I was removing a few undone ones in my archive. Good job Em. I won't write it all again, but I'll make it a quick and short recap of what I wrote in the deleted post.

Basically there is this new website called MyBeautyCompare which is the world's first website where you can compare beauty products' prices. A little while ago they sent me an e-mail asking if I could have a look at their page, see what I thought and share my experience with my readers. I though I'd give it a go and here's my verdict.

First there's a mini survey you fill out when you sign up where you submit your skin tone/type, hair length and so on. This is so that they can give you suggestions and product reccomendations tailored to you. I've had a bit of a play around with the feature and they do give pretty good suggestions as I already have and love some of the products they've mentioned so I know they work for me. There are also reviews, a forum, a blog where there'll be lots of news related to brands and products, video tutorials and a newsletter you can sign up to where you will get special offers. It's a site that has pretty much everything a beauty girl wants and I don't think it will stay new and unknown for long. I will definitely keep using it for whenever I want the best deal on a new product or just want a bit of inspiration as to what to get next.

I highly suggest you have a look at MyBeautyCompare and see what you think - and if you like it you can sign up and get all the good benefits :)

Love, Emilie

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