Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Big Sale

Stella Shorts // 5 inch and up for Nelly

As you may or may not, this Friday (the17th) is my birthday, and for someone like me, with a bit of an inner shopaholic and their birthday oh so close to Christmas, this time of the year is normally a bit of a massive shopping spree. Combine all that with a growing love for fashion, some very good sales, and a lot of free time and you'll have the full picture that I like to call the past 3 weeks of my life. Basically I have been shopping a bit, and boy have I enjoyed it. I am not going to do a big haul post on it all but I do want to share a few bits with you in my next few posts, starting today with the shorts over all shorts in my opinion. A dark grey (see first two pictures) wool-like main part with a soft white layer under that has slits on the sides. It is the perfect pair for a laid-back spring/summer outfit. I got a few other things as well but these are definitely my favourites. The gorgeous and very stylish Finish blogger Sandra at 5 inch and up is behind the design and made a few more bits and pieces for a collection she did together with Nelly.com a little while back. It's all on sale now but some of her designs are already sold out. However if you want to check out the pieces that are still there you can click here. And if you're just up for browsing some very good deals in general have a look at the rest of the Nelly sale here - it's massive! 

With the code Sale10 you'll get an additional 10% off all the sale items, but today is the last day so I do suggest you have a peek asap. 

Love, Emilie

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