Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lightning and a Horse

Boy have I missed blogging these past days! I have had so much to do that I feel like  have barely had one moment to just sit and enjoy some quality time with my blog. That doesn't sound strange at all..
Now, I am not back for full just quite yet, because this next week is just as packed as this one has been, but in one week it is December and guess who is doing a "Twelve Days of Christmas" blogathon? (Don't even know if it should be called a blogathon .. Tag is probably better but oh well) Yes, you're right, that is me!

I am not exactly sure what I will write about but every other day in December up until the 24th I will write a post featuring something christmas-y. Whether it may be about fashion/beauty/food/tips it will be relevant for the christmas preparations. So just let me know if there are some specific things you would like me to write about. Maybe tips for Christmas/New Years Eve outfits or makeup/hair styles? Anything you want - let me know and I will keep it in mind! :)

Now today I have been working on a presentation I am having on Monday so I havent left the house except for a quick trip to the grocery store, so my makeup and clothing is fairly casual and comfy, but I will share it anyways.. and yes, I am wearing my horse print top from Urban Outfitters - again. Why? Because I absolutely love it. 

I how you are all having a wonderful Saturday! Talk to you all as soon as I can!

- Em

PS: From today of the posts from when I was in Colombia will be deleted simply because I have filled up the space I am given to use for free by blogger and I don't feel like it is necessary to have them anymore :) Just thought I would let you know.


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Coco Bolinho said...

you are gorgeous!
I'm a periodontist and I loved your smile!
The diastemas on your central incisors make you so cute!
kisses lovely!
also following you via Pinterest, bloglovin' and twitter:)