Thursday, December 13, 2012

Add some glitter this Christmas!

Christmas is sneaking up faster than I want to realize - Have you thought about the fact that in just a little over two weeks 2012 is over? I certainly feel like this year has literally flown by

Before I start on sharing what I have on my nails, I thought I would share a little fun fact! In my sweet, sweet town/city, that never gets a lot of snow before Christmas (only after...and with that I mean in february - ugh), it has been snowing like CRAZY the past 24 hours! It snowed constantly all day yesterday and the result? About 70-80 cm of beautiful, white snow. Ahh, I couldn't have asked for a better December.

Now over to nails! Currently I have on a lovely little combo of some taupe and gold. I recently picked up Essie's Don't Sweater It, after I heard Anna rave about it. It is such a lovely neutral taupe/brown colour that works so very well at giving your nails a clean, but sophisticated look. The formula, as always with Essie polishes, is creamy and smooth and the colour is so opaque that one coat will work well if you don't have time for a second one. With the wide brush that the new Essie polishes have you avoid the fuss with streaking - it is simply just a dream to apply.

The super glittery gold is from the O.P.I Skyfall collection, and carries the name Golden Eye just like the old Bond classic. I briefly mentioned this in another post where I reviewed a different polish from the collection which you can read about here. This little mini is no different to the other ones in the set - just as opaque (well as opaque as a glitter polish can get - but two coats and you have a solid gold nail) and long-lasting. As it is a mini the brush is a little bit small, but it is definitely workable. I am wearing two thin coats of this over the Essie colour, but only on my ring fingers. I love having one nail in a different more "poppy" polish, especially when the other nails are in such a neutral shade.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this already, but tomorrow night I am going to Paris with my best friend (the same best friend I went to London with), and although I am staying there until Monday night, I will try to avoid it getting in the way of my Twelve Days of Christmas . I cannot promise anything though as I don't know what our program looks like, but if there are no new posts up this weekend I will make it up to you with extra posts next week, sounds good?

Would you like me to make a vlog from Paris where i take you with me on what we get up to?
If you think that could be fun, then leave me a comment and I will definitely make sure to bring out my camera whilst walking around the streets of Paris, even though I will look like an idiot talking to a camera :)

- Em


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Gillian said...

Golden Eye looks so pretty! I am dying to try some of the polishes from the James Bond collection.

Gillian x

Sim said...

I love this, it's a very neutral glitter against that gorgeous earthy brown. Very pretty!