Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did someone say Alexander Wang?

I'm afraid not, but these gorgeous heels do come quite close in appearance(except from the holes), although price wise they are far, far, far cheaper. In fact I didn't pay more than £10 (100NOK) for them in the January sale at H&M! The quality may not be nearly as good as a pair of Wang's (not that I would know, but I assume so - my budget certainly does not stretch far enough for owning a pair of Alexander's designs, even though I wish it did). Anyway, these cheap-ass pretties are quite a decent dupe (I know they aren't identical at all, but the style is rather similar I think) for those of us who want to pretend that we do indeed own designer  shoes whilst we don't ...at all :) Ok, enough about that, you can judge as to how far they look alike yourself, but regardless of the resemblance I still think they're pretty gorgeous, and they are actually comfortable - that is if you are a little used to heels, if not then well, they aren't exactly as comfortable as flats..duh. Ok, I'll let you have a look and judge yourself:

A teeny tiny similar at least? No? Ok...

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want more of these "cheap dupes of designer brands" posts, then let me know! It can be for Make-up, Clothes, Shoes, Accessories et.c it's up to you :) 

Have a nice day!

- Em


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Bitácora said...

haha lige ønsketenkingo, muy bonitos zapatos em!!