Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I came across an incredible offer today when I went to pick up a few necessary bits and bobs for my shower (shampoo tends to run out very quickly around me...erhm). Anyway, I wasn't supposed to actually buy anything but that shampoo and nail polish remover but then I walked passed the Origins corner and noticed quite the deal. 3x75 ml face masks for £35. I mean, that is plain ridiculousness! Originally they would be over £55 so I saved quite a bit there, and these are quite decent sizes, so I bet they'll last me a year or maybe more! To top it all up and make the deal even better, one of the 3 face masks was the Origins Clear Improvement mask, which Anna has raved about quite a few times, so obviously I have been dying to try it (and so I did tonight - review coming in a week's time).

Along with the Clear Improvement charcoal mask you get the less intense version of the DrinkUp Intesive mask, which is called (no surprise here) DrinkUp.  It works in more or less the same way as the intensive mask does, and I have a review on that here if you want to check that out. The last mask in the set is the Out Of Trouble (love that name) which claims to "rescue problem skin"which I have to admit sounds pretty cool, so I might try that one out during the weekend!

I think that for the quality, the amount and the simple amazing-ness of these products this was quite a small prize to pay, in other words it was a bargain! I am thrilled about stocking up on some facial goodies for the spring so expect to see reviews on these soon :)

That's all from me today, but if you have tried any of the Origins face masks, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments, I would love to hear how others feel about these!

- Em


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