Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Minute Miracle

A little while ago I mentioned a purchase of a trio of Origins face masks, including the Out Of Trouble   one. This bad boy is a real miracle worker! I have used it twice since I first got it and it is one of those masks where you feel and see the changes immediately!

It has a mud-like consistency although it is quite creamy at the same time, and it feels very smooth, so it slides on easily which is a blessing. We all hate those masks where you have to spend a thousand years just to get it evenly distributed and not leave it on in bulky patches. This is not one of those, thank god. 

If you are someone who is put off by the scent of products and do not like menthol then don't get this because you would be left either holding your breath for the 10 minutes its on or breathe only with your mouth. Neither is very appealing, nor relaxing. However if you don't mind it or actually like the menthol scent, like I do, then it may be hard to make yourself even take this beauty off! I love how refreshing and clean it smells and feels, and you can almost sense it working deep in the pores, removing all the bad stuff and replacing it with menthol-y cleanness. Mmm...

The outcome? After 10 minutes, use a warm and damp cloth to remove it, splash some water over your face and you are left with cheeks as soft as a baby's butt without having to scrub the life out of your fingers. Impurities and redness is reduced remarkably (at least it was on me) and the morning after I woke up with more even skin where my humps and bumps were smother, and less noticeable. A good face mask that can rescue bad skin days - Check! If your skin is prone to break-outs of impurities, or if you have oily to combination skin then if you ever stop by an Origins counter then you should take a look at this and maybe ask for a tester. It really is that good :) And as always with Origins, it has none of those bad ingredients, only natural goodness.

Price wise, I am afraid I do not know the exact one as I bought this in a set, but online it says that it retails for $23 (130 NOK /£ 15) which is not a bad price at all.

Let me know if you try it or if you have tried this or any other Origins mask already!

- Em


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Lou said...

I haven't tried any Origins masks, but I have tried some day and night creams by them and they all were amazing. I need to try these masks at once!