Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cheap, but pretty damn good

 Accessories Palette: You Are Everything

Accessories has started (a while ago) doing their own makeup. I did not expect much from them as I rarely do from the non-beauty related brands. However when I got this palette for a photoshoot with my friend Siren (post about that here), I was very surprised at how good the eyeshadows are!

First of all, their pigmentation is close to many of the other high-street and high-end brands, secondly their consistency is smooth and creamy rather than chalky and powdery. In other words these colours don't cause any extreme amounts of fall-out. Great bonus. As for their lasting power, well I would say that this is where the quality drops. Unfortunately they don't last for more than about 4 hours without a primer, but if you do use a primer then you can expect the shadows to stay for about a good 6-8hours which is nothing to complain about!!

I think that despite the longevity this palette is a good thing to have in your collection of you like having many choices in one:) The opportunities with these colours are endless :)

I am for the record on vacation, skiing in Austria but I am trying (and have been trying) to keep my blogging up as best as I can. However that is why I have been posting reviews lately:) Hope you don't mind and that you are enjoying what I do post! Have a wonderful day and keep reading for more beauty and fashion posts.

- Em


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