Saturday, June 01, 2013

Colombia & A Little Haul

Oh, hello there. Long time no see! So, I am currently in Colombia, where I am staying for a little over 2 weeks, just to see some of my friends again and have some fun! I will try my best to get a decent number of posts up whilst I am there although due to the time difference the posting hours will be a bit off for you Europeans :) Just a heads up.
And I apologise for the lack of posts lately, I have been spending time with friends, enjoying the nice weather, working, preparing (packing...) for this trip, and travelling, so blogging has been a bit neglected. Oh, and the very lovely Molly over at LyonsNotes has gotten me completely hooked on The Vampire Diaries so an embarrassingly large number of hours has gone to watching that...heh.

Anyways, I thought I would share a little haul with you guys, seeing as I have picked up a few pieces these past weeks. It is all H&M as I love, love, love the summery pieces they have now! I also bought a couple bikinis + a few extra bit but did not get the chance to take pictures of it all before I left.

Some random bits. A slightly cropped top with an awesome monkey print on it (love this). A super cute floral, Hawaiian inspired headband, the Essie nail polish in Fifth Avenue and a plastic make-up bag with pink pelicans and a zipper - perfect for travelling so that you can get away from those awful zip-lock bags...

Ahh, this is a beauty. The embellished body-con dress from the BeyoncĂ© collection. I fell head over heels for this dress and the crazy part is the price. £20 for a very good quality, amazing looking dress that will now be worn very proudly to my prom.   

I said it was small, but I felt like I had to put something up on this little blog of mine, and I have missed writing too, so it's been good to come back to it. I would have done an OOTD or a FOTD but the thing is that I am very jet-lagged and I think a post like that would do no one any good. So I kept it safe, but stay tuned because I have had a look in the shops today and well to put it this way, the chance for a big-ass haul to show up soon, is very big.

My giveaway is still open, and I keep adding little things to it although they will remain a surprise to the 3 people who will win. ENTER IT HERE. And another little note, I expect that the beauty swap package that I sent to Molly will arrive sometime during this week so keep an eye out on her blog for when she opens it! Her blog is HERE.

Now, enough with the links and random ramble, I am off to have a much needed power nap.

Lots of Love,

Ps: If you fancy watching me do a challenge click HERE


Yinyin said...

Love the things you've bought! The dress is gorgeous and the flamingo make up bag is brilliant!

Yinyin xx

Emily / said...

I love the look of the dress, H&M have some really lovely things at the moment:) x

EllesBelles said...

I love your blog, please check out and share mine x

Natalia said...

Love your dress, nice fabric :) x

RosyChicc said...

Ahh this dress is fantastic, it's SO gorgeous! I am going to try and hunt it down at H&M! The Essie nail polish is also fab! :))

Andrea | RosyChicc

Emilie Garnes said...

I think so too! they've really produced a good summer collection! x

Emilie Garnes said...

Thank you love! Will check yours out! xx

Emilie Garnes said...

I fell in love with it immediately! Hurry if you want to find it because I was lucky and managed to get the last one in my region! :O xx