Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Questions in the Corner

Finally I got around to making a few changes to my design, there is more to come, it just takes a little while to get it all the way I want it! Now over to the point! Yinyin over at yinyinloves was kind enought to nominate me for the Liebster Award. However I very recently did my "response" to one of these so instead of making another one I figured I would just go for answering the questions she gave me as I found them very good! So considering I am bed bound with a very horrible cold on vacation I decided to fire ahead with those questions right now.

Why do you enjoy blogging?
Because it gives me the opportunity to express myself and share my thoughts and opinions on beauty and fashion! I also love the fact that there is a whole community of us and how many lovely people I get to know!

Favourite clothing brand?
Ooh a tough one! At the moment I think it is a tie between H&M, Tennis (A colombian brand) and TopShop.. I am not one to opt for the higher end of clothing brands but if I were I think I would have an even harder time choosing a favourite...

Favourite fashion/beauty trend for summer?
 I am a sucker for the bright colours.

Where is your dream holiday destination?
It depends on the type of holiday, but my #1 place I want to travel to is Thailand (oh and India..and Australia..and - well you get where I'm going with this haha)

Best moment of 2013 so far?
Hmm, when it comes to remembering these kinds of things I have the memory of a goldfish, but I think it might be the day I finished my last exam and knew that two years of torture (International Baccalaureate) were over. Or maybe the Mumford and Son's concert I went to.. One of those.

Least liked make up item?
My Revlon Brow Gel. It is horrible but I just never get around to picking up a better one - it is such a boring product to spend money on don't you agree?

Top 3 songs this year (so far)?
These have not all been released this year, but I am loving them.
Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson
Young And Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
Laura Palmer by Bastille
(All of Bastille's songs are my favourites but atm this is on top)

 What are you looking forward to this summer?
There's no doubt here: T In The Park music festival in Scotland!! Gaahh, Can't Wait!

 What's your signature scent?
Chanel Chance, and it has been for 3 years :)

What TV series are you hooked on at the moment?
Hahaha, Molly at LyonsNotes will know this one as she was the one who got me hooked on it. Over the course of a little over a week I have completed all 4 seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Well, I have 3 episodes left but yeah..damn, that show is addictive. I also fell head over heels for Suits very recently.

Favourite pair of shoes?
A gorgeous pair of leather heels with little "bronze" studs on them. I bought them yesterday but they are already my favourites. An outfit post including them will be up later in the week :)

That was that, I will try to get a new post up tomorrow, but in the mean time, you can go and enter my giveaway HERE! I hope you are all doing well!

Lots of love

Ps: If you fancy watching me do a challenge click HERE

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Yinyin said...

Yes! I love the Lana Del Rey song too! It's brilliant! :)
Your new shoes sound lovely! Can't wait to see your upcoming outfit post! :)

Yinyin xx