Thursday, June 06, 2013

My Carry On Make-up Bag

Ok, let's do this. Considering the fact that I am still in bed feeling a bit under the weather my planned make-up look for today's post will have to wait until these puffy eyes clam down. Instead I bring to you the inside scoop on what I carry with me, make-up wise, when I travel and move around. Every girl has her essentials and these are mine!

 1. Compact spoolie and eyelash comb from No7. A lifesaver for clumpy lashes or bushy brows!

2. Bosca Green Tea Blotting Linens. Bought it at Sephora when I was in Orlando, and have loved it ever since - No more Oily T-zone!

3. Real Techniques Setting Brush. Perfect for a quick powder touch up of the T-zone.

4. Aqua Drop eye drops. As a contact lens wearer, this is a holy grail product for long days.

5. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I have very weak nails, but with this little baby I manage to keep them half decent and nurtured.

6. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous for the days when I need a bit of 'umph' on my lips.

7. Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bulletproof Beige gives my eyes the pop of 'awake-ness' they need.

8. Maybeline Master Smokey Shadow Pencil. The quickest way to a smokey eye. Perfect for the Day-To - Night looks.

9.Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. This works just as well on the bottom lashes as it does for touching up the top lashes. my little secret

10. Smashbox High Definition Concealer. It's not brain surgery, it's concealer...and it is needed.

11. MAC's Patisserie Lipstick. The perfect 'my lips but better' product. A lifesaver on stressful days.

12. Rimmel Stay Matte powder. The powder everyone raves about and loves - for good reason! Warm day? Long day? Busy day? This is your friend - don't loose it.

13. Carmex Lip Balm with cherry flavour and SPF 15. No one beats Carmex in my eyes. Moisture, lovely scent, sun protection and a hint of gloss.

14. Chanel Chance in my little Travalo! Perfume on-the-go for the girl who always forgets to spritz on some in the morning.

15. Bobby pins and hair ties are essential handbag/make-up bag essentials. You never know when you might need one :)

That's everything I keep in my 'to-go' make-up bag. Obviously it changes a bit but for now this is what I keep with me. What do you have in yours? I would love to know so let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Ps: If you fancy watching me do a challenge click HERE


Emma Matthews said...

Great post for nosey people like me! You'vve got some lovely products.

Emma x

Becky Fearn said...

you've picked some great bits lovely lady! especially love the mac lipstick and can't live without my rimmel powder! love the new blog design changes!

B xx

Laura Through The Lens said...

lovely selection, i really want to try that powder (:

Lisa Orr said...

Lovely selection! What girl can live without rimmel powder or car ex lip balm!


Maqua said...

I love my flamingo bag as well and need to try this Rimmel powder :)

Emilie Garnes said...

Haha glad you liked it! xx

Emilie Garnes said...

Thank you love! Isn't it a brilliant product? xx

Emilie Garnes said...

Oh you should! It is very good xx

Emilie Garnes said...

haha I know right? xx

Emilie Garnes said...

It is such a great carry on bag, ahh! xx