Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Naughty, Naughty...

Ahh, there really is nowhere like home, or at least nowhere like my own bed. I am currently back in Norway and it feels good to know that I have a while to just relax, work a little and enjoy the summer before I head off to the rest of my summer plans. I might love travelling but I do love to staay at home a bit too :) Anyway, whilst I was in Colombia I headed over to the highly beloved MAC store I used to go to, just to take advantage of the better prizes and large selection (compared to the tiny counter we have here in my hometown). Although they didn't have the #1 thing on my list which is the lipstick Show Orchid ( on my wish list thanks to Becky over at Beauty and the B) I managed to leave the place with a few new products in my possession. Show Orchid is still on my list and I will venture out on an adventure like dora the explorer in order to get my hands on it, but apart from that my MAC cravings are settled...for now at least. Oh and sorry for the countless hauls now a days.. I promise this is the last one in a while, unless I do a clothing haul from Colombia as well in that case that will be the last one :) 

From Top: Eye Khol (teddy), Face and Body foundation (N2), Eyeshadows (Woodwinked -Top and Cork - Bottom), Cleanse Off Oil 

On Top: Face and Body in N2
Bottom Left: Teddy Eye Khol, Cork Eyeshadow, Woodwinked Eyeshadow.

Now let's just face the fact that what I said earlier was one big lie. What beauty girl can ever stop her MAC cravings? Not me at least. Satin Taupe, Charcoal Brown, Honey Lust oh the list of eyeshadows I wish I owned is endless, as is the list of lipsticks, paint pots and just all things MAC. If anyone ever feel like giving me a lifetime worth of MAC products don't hesitate to get in touch! Haha, oh I wish.

What is your favourite MAC product? Or if you don't own any, what is your favourite make-up brand?

Lots of love,



Leigh Hanley said...

I've been wanting to try out MAC Face and Body foundation for so long, but I find that the girls at my MAC counter are so awkward and rude, that I never want to hang around and wait for them to check my shade. Will you be posting a more in depth review? I might contemplate picking it up! & I cant handle my MAC cravings either, I also make sure to have a good browse at their eyeshadows, I'm building my 15-piece palette, but it's so hard to choose, they're all too nice!

Lovely post. I followed. Would you mind checking out my blog too? I would really appreciate it!
Leigh xx

Molly Lyon said...

Woodwinked is amazing for lazy days! Looks like two colours when you blend it out. Super jealous of your haul though. Please share? ;)

Molly xx
Lyon Notes

Megan Lillie said...

I LOVE Woodwinked - I wear it all the time! You've picked up some fab things, I'm excited for my next visit to MAC.
Megan xxx

Lou said...

I love Teddy Eye khol. The colour is awesome, it blends great, and its performance is good!


Becky Fearn said...

Love a good mac haul! am hoping to pick up lots of mac bits at the airport next month! me and you have such similar taste, woodwinked is on my list. let me know via twitter how the foundation is

B xx

Becky Fearn said...

And I've just noticed when re-reading you've mentioned me!! thanks lovely, just think of me as your friendly enabler ;)

Yinyin said...

Great haul! I'm absolutely loving the MAC eyeshadows you've bought!

I've tagged you in my What's In My Bag Post - I look forward to reading your post! :)

Yinyin xx

Maria Sself said...

I actually love your hauls - you're giving some really great insights! Thanks, Emilie♥♥♥