Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 3 Summer Lipsticks

MAC Show Orchid / MAC Lady Danger / Chanel
 I have been a 'beauty gal' for quite a few years now but its only this past year or so that I've found a love for lipsticks. I am still not a fan of the lipgloss and don't really see that changing any time soon but lipsticks, oh yes. 

The only thing with me is I don't go for the typical nudes and pinks. If I wear lipstick it is more often than not a bright or bold one, and if I do go for a nude it is one out of the only two I own. A post all about my two nudes is coming right around the corner so stay tuned if you're a nude lips kind of girl.

Anyway, back to my point. Bold and bright lips. I love my MAC Rebel but sometimes I feel like something 'happier' as Rebel is sometimes a bit dark especially for summer and it is then that I reach for the three above. 

Show Orchid has been on my wishlist since I read about it on Becky's blog(One you definitely need to check out if you haven't already. She's a top girl that one) and I finally got my hands on it at the pro store in London. It's a MAC amplified so it is super opaque and has a bloody brilliant staying power. All 8 hours of my shift with only one teeny touch up to be precise.

Lady Danger was all Molly's fault (another top girl right there), although I do thank her for making me buy it as it is the most perfect matte, orange toned red I have come across.

As for the Chanel Mélodieuse - Who can say anythng bad about chanel?  This bad boy has got the mix of peach and pink just right so that I don't feel like a barbie doll nor a wannabe fruit. It has a very moisturising consistency and bit of a stain-like finish which I think is perfect for the summer months. I got mine in my Marie Claire beauty bag and it has been living in my bag ever since.

What are your go-to summer lipsticks?


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Becky Fearn said...

Thanks for the mention girl, you know how in love with show orchid i am, it is the most stunningly beautiful shade!


B xx