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Christmas Gift Guide for a Beauty Girl!

As a little beauty freak I know how much I appreciate some new bits and pieces in my collection of  gorgeousness, and it is even more enjoyable when they come wrapped in pretty paper, accompanied by a lovely card. So to help those of you who are trying to decide what to get that beauty obsessed girl; here are a few of my tips!

Number 1: Luxurious lipsticks
I would say that it is a safe pick to go with a lipstick or lipgloss from a brand that she may not have the budget to splurge on ever so often. CHANEL, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme and MAC to mention some, are great brands to look into for a special, luxury treat to someone. (Any product from a luxury, high-end brand such as these will most likely be a success. It doesn't have to be a lip product )


Number 2: Mini - Makeup Goodie Bag
Not only lipsticks, but mascaras, foundations, blushes and eyeshadows are all worth considering for your beauty junkie. If you don't want to spend too much and would rather go for something less extravagant than the brands mentioned above, then take a whirl around your local drugstore/pharmacy (or anywhere where they stock brands such as Maybeline, L'oréal, MaxFactor, Sleek, Rimmel, Revlon) and pick up a few pieces that can come together as a nice gift.

My tip would be to go for something that suits the holiday, so maybe a red or berry/plum coloured lipstick/gloss, an eyeshadow quad with some sparkling golds and browns  and maybe an eyeliner or a warm blush. It doesn't have to come together as too much as long as you take advantage of affordable brands, and all the offers they have around this time of year. If you feel like going all out, they maybe buy a little makeup bag to store it all in?

Number 3: Nail Polishes
Around this time of the year all beauty companies come out with their holiday collections and well, they all include a lovely nail polish or two. It is the same with actual nail polish brands such as O.P.I and Essie. There are countless colours, sizes, sets and formulas to choose from, but as a christmas gift I think that the mini sets from O.P.I and Essie are absolutely brilliant! O.P.I released a mini set of their James Bond Skyfall collection which I think had some pretty gorgeous colours in it.  See a post featuring one of the colours here. And Essie's christmas collection is also pretty stunning, especially their glittery berry colour!

When it comes to nail polish it really is an almost fool-proof gift, just make sure you go for a brand with good reputation and that you choose colours that the girl you're buying for will like!

Essie's Christmas Collection (The glittery berry colour is all the way to the back)


Number 4: Bath, Body and Hair Products
Whether it may be oils to put in the bath or oils to put on your body or soaps/shampoos/conditioners , nice looking and nice smelling body and hair products are always great gifts! I don't have a bathtub myself but if I did I know I would have loved to have some Aromatherapy Oils to soak in. Around Christmas there are also tons of offers on sets made up of a fragrances, bath/body products and nice treats that are perfect for pampering! has a brilliant selection, so you can have a look there :)


Number 5: Fragrances / Perfumes
What girl doesn't love a nice perfume? What's so great about perfumes/fragrances is that you can get one from a very luxurious brand without robbing yourself completely. A CHANEL perfume for example is something that will still give that feeling of exclusivity and luxury but cost you way less than a CHANEL bag. And you can get perfumes/fragrances  from all sorts of brands in all sorts of sizes and scents and you don't have to ruin your budget for it :)


Number 6: Beauty treatments

Now this is a gift that can be very cheap or very expensive, but it can also be very personal and something most girls (not only us beauty freaks) will love. I'm thinking about a beauty treatment of any sort; a massage, a facial, a manicure/pedicure, a day at a spa and so on...

I said it could be very affordable/very expensive because it all depends on how much money you have and how much you are willing to spend. You can easily make it incredibly personal and thoughtful by offering to give her a massage using a massage/body oil . A suggestion of how to present this is to make a nice card, where you write what you are willing to give (massage/manicure/anything you can come up with) and make maybe five small boxes that she has to cross out for every time she receives this treat (almost like a punch card). Put this card into a nice paper bag together with a nice massage oil/nail polish/some chocolate hearts (if you want to make it more romantic), or whatever suits the gift you're giving.

If you want to spend more money you can always book a day at a nice spa and give that in the same "presentation" as above, but personally I think the more affordable version is definitely the most personal and thoughtful gift.

Wow. If you have read this whole post then - Congratulations! And Thank You! I didn't intend for it to get so long, but when I get inspired, there is no way to slow me down or stop me... Anyway, I hope this was helpful to at least some of you who may (or may not) be struggling to find a gift for that one girl who just loves beauty or who simply doesn't know what to wish for.

If there are any other sorts of gift guides you would like me to do, then let me know and I will get on it, Christmas is getting close and finding those last minute gifts can be a nightmare, so if I can help anyone avoid the stress, I will be very glad :)

New post in two days - a fashion post this time!



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